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JMTA Players Capture Several Trophies in Local Competition

USTA Tournament Results 3/10-3/12, 2017

Over the second weekend of March, the players of the JMTA posted impressive results in local L1,L1B and Youth progression tournaments.

The Cary Leeds Tennis Center in the Bronx saw the highest JMTA turnout over the weekend as several players excelled at the U16 L1 tournament. On the boys’ side, Tristan Taylor battled through several tough matches before falling in three sets to fellow JMTA player Kabir Rajpal, who then proceeded to see off another JMTA student, Max Kachkarov, in the finals. On the girls’ side, Denise Lai reached the round of 16 while Daniela Hernandez fell to the top seed in the semi-finals. At another L1 tournament in Williamsville, Georgia Ryan swept through the Girl’s 18’s tournament, losing only 12 games over the course of four matches.

In Local L1B at the Boys’ 14’s in Blue Point, Joseph Boyle managed to get through several matches and win the trophy. Meanwhile, Charlie Valentine had an impressive run in the Boys’ 12’s tournament in East Setauket, knocking off the two top seeds on his way to the title. Finally, two Sportime clubs hosted L1B tournaments over the weekend: in Syosset, Griffin Schesinger knocked out the top seed in three sets before winning the tournament. Meanwhile, at the JMTA flagship facility on Randall’s Island, Nicholas Steiglehner won the Boys’ 18’s tournament. JMTA’s last winner in L1B competition was Andrew Ena, who captured the Boys’ 12’s title in Glen Cove, dropping only 6 games throughout the tournament.

Several of JMTA’s youngest players have made some of their first competitive strides in U10 competition, with some posting impressive results: Ava Li won the Glen Cove Green tournament, while Summer Chandler won an Orange U10 tournament in Fresh Meadows.

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Tinton Falls Boys 18’s

Ethan Leon – Quarterfinalist

Cary Leeds Boys 16’s

Kabir Rajpal – Winner

Max Kachakov – Finalist

Tristan Taylor – Semifinalist

Sujay Sharma – R16

Cary Leeds Girls’ 16’s

Daniela Hernandez – Semifinalist

Williamsville Boys’ 14’s

Noah Eisenberrg – Semifinalist, lost to eventual winner

Williamsville Girls’ 18’s

Georgia Ryan – Winner

West Orange Boys’ 12’s

Giuseppe Cerasuolo – Semifinalist

West Orange Girls’ 12’s

Tola Glowacka – semifinalist

Queens Village/Glenwood Landing Boys’ 14’s

Nikolay Sahakyan – Quarterfinalist

Queens Village/Glenwood Landing Girls’ 14’s

Deliala Friedman – Quarterfinalist


West Harrison Girls’ 12’s

Chantajah Mills – Semifinalist, lost to eventual winner

Blue Point Boys’ 14’s

Joseph Boyle – Winner

White Plains Girls’ 16’s

Fiona Boettner – Finalist

Olga Lew-Kiedrowska – Semifinalist, lost in 3 sets to the eventual winner

Bogota Boys’ 12’s

Miles Singer – Quarterfinalist

Rahul Vasudev – Quarterfinalist

LucasVillamizar – Quarterfinalist

Bogota Girls’ 12’s

Tara Kurepa – Finalist

East Setauket Boys 12’s

Charlie Valentine – Winner

Sportime Syosset Boys’ 16’s

Griffin Schlesinger – Winner

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 14’s

Damien Stellings – Semifinalist

Adrien Jippov – Finalist

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 16’s                                        Charlie Valentine following his Boys’                                                                                                           12’s win at East Setauket               Matthew Mosejczuk – Finalist, lost 10-8 in 3rd set tiebreak

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 18’s

Nicholas Steiglehner – Winner

Glen Cove Boys’ 12’s

Andrew Ena – Winner

Long Beach Boys’ 12’s

Bassil Touban – Semifinalist

Youth Progression

Glen Cove Green Level 1 Girls’ 10’s

Ava Li – Winner

Bogota Green Level 1 Boys’ 10’s

Patrick Kenny – Semifinalist

Fresh Meadows Orange Girls 10’s

Summer Chandler – Winner


Congratulations to all of our winners!

JMTA Players Impress at USTA National Spring Championships and Locally at Level 1B and Level 2 Events

USTA Tournament Results 3/3-3/8

During the first weekend of the month of March, a number of JMTA players were in action in various USTA Eastern tournaments, with several of them recording multiple wins and bringing home a trophy to show. In addition, three JMTA prospects represented the Academy in the USTA National Spring Team Championships in Mobile, AL.

Sophie Graver recorded impressive results at the National Spring Team Championships in Mobile, Alabama.  She posted a 3-1 record in singles, defeating the # 13, #69 and #73 players in the nation.  Daniella Benabraham also had a strong showing with a 2-2 record in singles and undefeated 4-0 in doubles.  Michelle Sorokko was 2-2 in singles and 2-2 in doubles action.

Participating in a mix of L1B tournaments in the area, a few JMTA players posted impressive results. At the Boys 18’s tournament in Port Washington, Preet Rajpal came in as the fourth seed and managed to win the tournament without dropping a set in the process. Also in Port Washington, JMTA’s Sam Scherer won the Boys 14’s tournament. After pulling out a hard-fought three-set victory in the second round, Sam proceeded to lose only 8 games to the #4 and #1 seeds, respectively.  The Boys’ and Girl’s 14’s tournament in Bogota, NJ saw the highest number of JMTA players in action. Lucy Friedman justified her #1 seed by winning the tournament. After sweeping through the first three rounds, Lucy won back-to-back three-set matches to win the trophy. Lucy faced a tough challenge in the final, but managed to win 11-9 in the third set tie-break.  Giuseppe Cerasuolo took home another trophy by winning the Boys 12’s tournament in Brooklyn, hosted at the Matchpoint Mill Basin tennis club. Giuseppe came into the tournament as the top seed and did not lose a set on his way to victory.

At the L2 level, JMTA players won a total of six trophies over the weekend. At Sportime Lake Isle, Lindsay Cruikshank toppled the #1 seed in the final to win the Girls’ 16’s event. Max Meyer overcame his brother Oliver at the 12’s event at Sportime Syosset, while Jack Griffin battled and won a 3rd set tie-break to win the Boys’ 12’s in Queens Village. At Randall’s Island, Sheyna Karen won the Girls’ 14’s after beating her sister Maxie 10-8 in the 3rd set tie-break in the semi-final, while Sacha Maes won the Boys’ 16’s event. Sunjay Singh took the Boys’ 14 title, knocking out fellow JMTA player Luke Hollman in the final. Finally, Ariana Malik won the Girls’ 18’s title in Huntingdon.

Congratulations to all of our Champions!

National Spring Team Champs

Girl’s 18’s, Mobile AL

Sophie Graver 3-1 record in singles; 1-3 in doubles

Daniella Benabraham 2-2 record in singles; 4-0 in doubles

Michelle Sorokko 2-2 record in singles; 2-2 in doubles


Port Washington Boys’ 18’s

Preet Rajpal – Champion; toppled #3 seed in the final

Farmingdale Girls’ 16’s

Emily Tannenbaum – Semifinalist; lost to the top seed

Bogota Boys’ 14’s

Alex Aney – Semifinalist, lost to eventual Champion

Adrien Jippov – Semifinalist

Alex Zlotchenko – Round of 16, lost to eventual Champion

Bogota Girls’ 14’s

Lucy Friedman – Champion

Victoria McEnroe – Quarterfinalist

Bogota Boys’ 16’s

Fernando Soriano – Quarterfinalist

Bogota Girls’ 18’s

Audrey Pacthod – Quarterfinalist

Matchpoint Brooklyn Boys’ 12’s

Giuseppe Cerasuolo – Champion

Long Beach Boys 12’s

Dominik Mosejczuk – Semifinalist, lost to eventual Champion

Long Beach Girls 12’s

Nicolette Loeffler – Semifinalist, lost to eventual Champion

Port Washington Boys’ 12’s

Sam Scherer – Champion


Sportime Lake Isle Girls’ 16’s

Lindsay Cruikshank – Champion; beat #1 seed in the final


White Plains Boys’ 12’s

Cotton Snoddy – Semi-finalist, lost to eventual Champion


Sportime Harbor Island Boys’ 14’s

Charles Lau – Semi-finalist

Sportime Harbor Island Girls’ 14’s

Megan Niu – Finalist

Jericho Boys’ 16’s

Aaron Vinsky – Finalist

Sportime Syosset Boys’ 12’s

Max Meyer – Champion

Oliver Meyer – Finalist

Queens Village Boys’ 12’s

Jack Griffin – Champion

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 14’s

Sunjay Singh – Champion

Luke Hollman – Semifinalist, lost to eventual Champion

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 16’s

Sacha Maes – Champion

Gabriel Markowitz – Semifinalist, lost to eventual champion

Sportime Randall’s Island Girls’ 14’s

Sheyna Karen – Champion

Abigail Hammer – Finalist

New Rochelle Boys’ 12’s

Ross Gramley – Finalist

Huntingdon Girls’ 12’s

Ariana Malik – Champion