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USTA Tournament Results 4/14-16/2017

JMTA Students Claim Several Trophies in Local Competition

The weekend of April 14th saw a number of Academy students compete locally in USTA Level 1B and Level 2 tournaments. Once again, JMTA players competed well and brought home several trophies.

At the Boys’ 18 Level 1B tournament hosted at Sportime’s Kings Park club, Dylan Friedman kept the trophy “at home” by winning the event. The Boys’ and Girls’ 14 Level 1B in Mahwah saw Cooper Gordon and Leila Epstein reach the finals in the respective singles draws, as they each won the doubles titles for their genders. The Girls 14 event at Port Washington saw an all-JMTA final in which Theadora Rabman bested Tola Glowacka.

In Level 2 competition, Talia Kahan was JMTA’s standout performer, as she was triumphant in the Girls’ 16 draw at Sportime’s flagship Randall’s Island facility.

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Level 1B

Sportime Kings Park Boys 18

Dylan Friedman – Champion

Port Washington Girls’ 14

Theadora Rabman – Champion

Tola Glowacka – Finalist

Mahwah Boys’ 14

Cooper Gordon – Doubles Champion, Singles Finalist

Mahwah Girls’ 14

Leila Epstein – Doubles Champion, Singles Finalist

Port Washington Boys’ 14

Alex Vinsky – Finalist

Michael Weitz – Semifinalist

Adrien Jippov – Semifinalist

Mountainside Boys’ 16

Neel Epstein – Semifinalist

Spencer Chandlee – Quarterfinalist

White Plains Girls’ 18

Audrey Pacthod – Quarterfinalist

Mountain Lakes Girls’ 12

Chantajah Mills – Quarterfinalist


Level 2

Sportime Randall’s Island Girls’ 14

Talia Kahan – Champion

Abigail Hammer – Semifinalist

Carolyn Finerman – Semifinalist

Sportime Roslyn Boys’ 12

Aiden Harpel – Quarterfinalist

USTA Tournament Results April 7 – April 9, 2017

Another Strong Showing of JMTA Players in Level 1, Level 1B and Youth Progression Tournaments

During the weekend of April 7-9, JMTA players had another massive turnout in local competition, managing to bring home seven trophies to the Academy. In addition to our winners, many Academy students who competed in top Level 1 competition reached the latter stages of their respective tournaments.

The weekends’ standout performer was Theadora Rabman, who competed in the Girls’ 12 tournament hosted at Oceanside. Theadora did not drop a set on her way to the final, in which she faced fellow JMTA player Isabella Sha, besting her classmate in straight sets. Also in Level 1 play, JMTA’s Marcos Lee, playing the Boys’ 16 tournament in Armonk, battled through a tough draw to reach the finals, but had to settle for the runner-up trophy after a hard-fought 3-set win in the semifinal.

In Level 1B competition, JMTA’s Matt Cashin took home the winner’s trophy at the Long Beach Boys’ 16 event. Playing Boys’ 16 at Harbor Island, JMTA’s Ty Switzer won yet another tournament. Also at Harbor Island, Fiona Boettner helped JMTA complete a sweep, as she was victorious in the Girls’ 16 category. Bobby Duskin competed in Queens Village in the Boys’ 12 tournament, storming through the draw to collect JMTA’s fifth title of the weekend. And at Randall’s Island, in Girl’s 14 action, two JMTA students battled in the final, when Sheyna Karen overcame Allegra Wong.

The weekend also saw large numbers of JMTA’s U10 prospects participating in Youth Progression tournaments. Jack Kennedy stood out among the field by winning the Boys’ 10 Green Level 1 trophy at East Setauket.

Congratulations to all of our JMTA winners, and to all who competed so well!


Level 1

Oceanside Girls’ 12

Theadora Rabman – Champion

Isabella Sha – Finalist

Victoria McEnroe – Quarterfinalist

Natalie Phillips – Quarterfinalist

Armonk Boys’ 16

Marcos Lee – Finalist

Blake Frank – Quarterfinalist

Queens Village Boys’ 18

Ethan Leon – Semifinalist

Pittsford Girls’ 14

Emily Tannenbaum – Semifinalist

Pittsford Girls’ 12

Kady Tannenbaum – Semifinalist

Sportime Roslyn Boys’ 12

Giuseppe Cerasuolo – Semifinalist

Pittsford Boys’ 14

Cooper Gordon – Quarterfinalist

Tinton Falls Girls’ 14

Gabriela Glickstein – Quarterfinalist

New Windsor Girls’ 18

Georgia Ryan – Quarterfinalist

Port Washington Boys’ 14

Nicholas Suhanitski – Quarterfinalist


Level 1B

Sportime Harbor Island Boys’ 16

Ty Switzer – Champion

Rod Rofougaran – Semifinalist

Queens Village Boys’ 12

Bobby Duskin – Champion

Long Beach Boys’ 16

Matt Cashin – Champion

Sportime Harbor Island Girls’ 16

Fiona Boettner – Champion

Mountainside Girls’ 12

Katie Finerman – Finalist

Rachel Roth – Quarterfinalist

Mountainside Boys’ 12

Bobby Duskin – Semifinalist

Jack Griffin – Quarterfinalist

Sportime Syosset Boys’ 12

Bassil Touban – Semifinalist

Queens Village Girls’ 14

Tola Glowacka – Semifinalist


Level 2

Sportime Randall’s Island Girls’ 14

Sheyna Karen – Champion

Allegra Wong – Finalist

Maxie Karen – Semifinalist

Sportime Lake Isle Boys’ 12

Philip Efron – Semifinalist

Jacob Markman – Quarterfinalist

Michael Shneyerson – Quarterfinalist


Youth Progression

East Setauket Green Level 1 Boys’ 10

Jack Kennedy – Champion

Mahwah Green Level 1 Boys’ 10

Jesse Yang – Semifinalist

Mahwah Green Level 1 Girls’ 10

Ava Li – Semifinalist

West Harrison Orange Level 1 Boys’ 10

Jonathan Weinberg – Semifinalist

Ben Wiese – Quarterfinalist

Fresh Meadows Orange Level 2 Girls’ 10

Nyla Ferdinand – Finalist

Sophia Kurinets – Quarterfinalist

Fresh Meadows Orange Level 2 Boys’ 10

Dhruv Kapoor – Semifinalist


USTA Tournament Results March 31 – April 2, 2017

JMTA Players Compete at Prestigious Easter Bowl and Impress at Empire Cup Doubles

The week of March 27 – April 2 saw six of JMTA’s top prospects travel to Indian Wells to compete at the Easter Bowl, one of the USA’s most prestigious national tournaments. In addition, our JMTA players once again had impressive results at the Empire Cup Doubles and managed to capture three trophies.

Sam Scherer, Sujay Sharma, Ty Switzer, Gibson Thomas, Chidimma Okpara and Sophie Graver all got the chance to compete in Indian Wells in their respective age groups. Each player competed hard in fierce, high-level competition.  Stand-out performers were Chidimma Okpara, who defeated the fourth seed on her way to reaching the round of 16 in the Girls’ 16 competition, and Sujay Sharma, who defeated the eighth seed in the first round of the Boys’ 14 division.  In consolation draw play, Gibson Thomas won two consolation rounds in the Girl’s 16 draw and Sam Scherer won two consolation rounds in the Boys’ 14 draw.  Ty Switzer also won a round in the Boys’ 14 consolation draw.

At the Empire Cup, Ty Switzer captured another title at the Boys’ 14 event in New Windsor. Ethan Leon, seeded second at the Boys’ 16 tournament at the Cary Leeds Tennis Center, was also triumphant in winning that title. Armonk was the battleground for the Boys’ and Girls’ 18 event, where Sean Wei brought home JMTA’s third trophy of the weekend. The standout performer at the Girls’ 16 event was Perene Wang, who finished as the runner-up, while Georgia Ryan bowed out in the semifinal and secured a third place finish. Finally, Nina Wiese battled hard but ultimately fell in the final, finishing as the runner up at the Girls’ 12 event in Queens Village.

In local USTA L1B competition, Zoe Tucker won the title at the Girls’ 14 event hosted in White Plains. At the Boys’ 12 event in Tinton Falls, Julian Messina emerged as the winner. Benjamin Ebanks stayed on home soil and competed at the Boys’ 14 tournament at JMTA’s flagship facility on Randall’s Island, where he won the event. And  Rachel Roth capped off an impressive weekend for the JMTA team by winning the Girls’ 12 event in Brewster.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Easter Bowl

Boys’ 12

Sam Scherer – Round of 64, won two consolation matches.

Boys’ 14

Ty Switzer – Round of 64, won one consolation match.

Sujay Sharma – Round of 32, defeated the 8th seed.

Girls’ 16

Gibson Thomas – Round of 64, won two consolation matches.

Chidimma Okpara – Round of 16, won one consolation match.

Girls’ 18

Sophia Graver – First Round


Empire Cup

Boys’ 14

Ty Switzer – Champion

Girls’ 14

Shawnte Beale – 3rd place finish

Boys’ 16

Ethan Leon – Champion

Abhinav Srivastava – Quarterfinalist

Girls’ 16

Perene Wang – Finalist

Georgia Ryan – 3rd place finish

Boys’ 18

Daniel Pellerito / Hayden Cassone – Quarterfinalist

Sean Wei – Champion

Girls’ 18

Sophie Graver – Quarterfinalist

Victoria Sec/Nathalie Rodilosso – Quarterfinalist

Boys’ 12

Ari Cotoulas – 3rd place finish

Alexander Aney – Quarterfinalist

Girls’ 12

Tola Glowacka – Semifinalist

Nina Wiese – Finalist


Level 1B

White Plains Girls’ 14

Zoe Tucker – Champion

Glen Cove Boys’ 18

David Ammendola – Finalist

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 14

Benjamin Ebanks – Champion

Sportime Randall’s Island Girls’ 14

Jordan Ben-Shmuel – Finalist

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 16

Spencer Chandlee – Semifinalist

Jericho Girls’ 16

Ariana Malik – Semifinalist

Brewster Girls’ 12

Rachel Roth – Champion

Port Washington Girls’ 12

Alexandra Ho – Semifinalist


Level 2

Bogota Boys’ 12

Rahul Vasudev – Semifinalist



USTA Tournament Results March 17-19, 2017

JMTA Players Shine at Empire Cup Doubles and Local Events

During the weekend of 3/17-19, JMTA players took to the courts and had an impressive showing. Numerous players competed at the Empire Cup – the Eastern Section’s doubles competition – winning a total of four trophies, while also continuing to succeed at local L1B tournaments.

JMTA saw its first Empire Cup winner at the Girls’ 16 event in Queens Village, where Perene Wang powered through the draw and won the title without dropping a set.  In Oceanside at the Boys’ 14 Empire Cup, Ty Switzer took home the trophy.  And in Port Washington at the Girls’ 12 event, Theadora Rabman and Isabella Sha were triumphant.  JMTA had other strong showings in Empire Cup play, with Michelle Sorokko finishing second at the Girls’ 18 tournament in Glen Cove, where Victoria Sec and Nathalie Rodilosso also finished fourth.  Also at Glen Cove, Sean Wei was a finalist in the Boys’ 18 division, while Daniel Pellerito finished third.  Shawnte Beale came within a whisker of helping JMTA sweep the 14’s division at Oceanside, ultimately finishing second.  Other third place finishers were Daniela Hernandez and Georgia Ryan at the Girls’ 16 tournament.  Ethan Leon took third at the Boys’ 16 event, losing to the eventual champions in the semifinal, and Sebestian Sec finished third at the Boys’ 14 division in Oceanside.  Finally, Alex Aney took third place at the Boys’ 12 in Port Washington.  JMTA also had some fourth place finishes at the Boys’  and Girls’ 12, with Ari Cotoulas on the boys side and Nina Wiese and Tola Glowacka for the girls.

In local Level 1B tournaments, the best result of the weekend came from Olivia Benton, who competed in the Girls’ 12 event in New Rochelle. Olivia was unseeded going into the tournament, managed to win both the semifinal and the final in three sets, and captured her first Girls’ 12 tournament on her first try. The under 16’s tournament in Huntingdon hosted an all-JMTA final on the girls’ side, where Ariana Malik toppled Cassie Tian.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Empire Cup

Boys’ 18

Daniel Pellerito – 3rd place finish

Sean Wei – Finalist

Girls’ 18

Michelle Sorokko – Finalist

Victoria Sec/Nathalie Rodilosso – Semifinalist

Boys’ 16

Ethan Leon – 3rd place finish

Billy Suarez/Max Kachkarov – Quarterfinalist

Girls’ 16

Perene Wang – Champion

Daniela Hernandez/Georgia Ryan – 3rd place finish

Boys’ 14

Ty Switzer – Champion

Sebastian Sec – 3rd place finish

Noah Eisenberg – Quarterfinalist

Girls’ 14

Shawnte Beale – Finalist

Natalie Eordekian – Quarterfinalist

Boys’ 12

Alexander Aney – 3rd place

Ari Cotoulas – Semifinalist

Girls’ 12

Isabella Sha – Champion

Nina Wiese/Tola Glowacka – Semifinalist

Nicolette Loeffler – Quarterfinalist

Sophia Cisse/Linda Ziets-Segura – Consolation Winners


Sportime Lake Isle Girls’ 14

Victoria McEnroe – Semifinalist

Fresh Meadows Boys’ 14

Ben Ebanks – Semifinalist

Mike Shepard – Semifinalist

New Rochelle Girls’ 12

Olivia Benton – Champion

Armonk Boys’ 18

Preet Rajpal – Finalist

Level 2

Bogota Boys’ 12

Pepe Baselga – Semifinalist

Sunjay Singh – Semifinalist

Huntingdon Girls’ 16

Ariana Malik – Champion

Cassie Tian – Finalist