Following up with JMTAer, Jamie Loeb, after USTA’s Junior National Hard Court Tournament

Photo: Courtesy of | JMTA's Jamie Loeb

Photo: Courtesy of | JMTA’s Jamie Loeb

Recently Jamie Loeb competed in San Diego, CA for a chance to win a wild card into the Women’s US Open. Although she did not bring home the championship title, losing in the quarterfinals,  this JMTA student’s future is very promising. We sat down with her coach, JMTA Assistant Academy Director Felix Alvarado, to get the inside scoop on Loeb and what we can expect next from her in the future.

How would you rate Jamie’s performance in San Diego? – Her performance was top notch. I give her an A. Each of the top nine seeds were ranked inside the top 500 on the women’s professional tour , so the draw was very strong. Jamie had a tough round of 32 match vs Hayley Carter, a girl going to UNC with her. Jamie and Hayley were the top recruits in the country, and Jamie won in 3 sets. The next round, she had to play the 5th seed who is ranked 374 in the world and Jamie beat her in 3 sets. After that she had to play the 2nd seed in the quarterfinals and she lost 6-3, 6-3. Every round was significantly tougher than the last and she stepped up to the challenge each time.

Over all, would you consider her performance a success? -Well, success obviously would’ve been winning the tournament and earning a wild card into the main draw of the US Open, but she fought very hard and she did well.

We know that Jamie’s next major tournament is the US Open. What are you doing to prepare her for that event? -Jamie leaves on Thursday, going to UNC to prepare for college. We’re still waiting to see if she’s going to get a wild card into the qualifying for the main draw of the US Open.  If she does earn a wild card, then she will have to fly back right away to prepare. If not, she’s coming back the week before the Junior’s US Open to focus on training. I know her doubles partner, who is from Russia, is getting here on August 28th. We have a girl coming from England to train with her as well, so she will have a lot of practice time under her belt before she steps onto the courts in Flushing Meadows.

What advice do you have for Jamie going into college? -Have a lot of fun! Enjoy your time in college. College is great for your doubles game, so I’m excited for her because she needs to improve her doubles skills. I also want her to work hard on her fitness, maybe gain 10 pounds of muscle.  But mostly, study and have fun!

What are Jamie’s plans after college? -We don’t have a timeframe yet, but she will definitely turn pro at some point.  Right now we are just focused on getting her ready for college and the US Open. One step at a time.

Any final thoughts on Jamie? -She’s a hard worker and loves it here at the JMTA. She loves the coaches and we’re like a big family to her. She feels very comfortable here and around us. Obviously we’re going to miss her and I hope she’s going to miss us too, but she knows she’s always welcome here.