JMTA Spotlight: Jessica Golovin


Yesterday, we caught up with JMTA’s Jessica Golovin who has been practicing and making preparations for her next major tournament. Golovin, 16, has been studying under the JMTA program for 3 ½ years and is one of the programs most powerful players. Here’s what she had to say:

We know that you have a big tournament coming up. Can you tell us about it? Yes, it’s an ITF in Canada. I’m actually leaving today and I start Saturday in Canada, playing qualifyings.

What have you and JMTA Coach Bruce Haddad been doing to prepare for this tournament? We have been working a lot on my consistency, my serve and my different strokes. Also I’ve been working on when and where to hit the right shot.

What area do you feel you need the most improvement in? I think I need to really work on my consistency. Every shot needs a lot more work to get me to the top level.

What are you most confident about in regards to your play? My aggressiveness. I’m an aggressive, powerful player.

Where can you see yourself in the next two years? Well, I just turned 16 so in two years I will be 18. I hope to be playing in many pro tournaments and have my ranking up. Going to college is definitely an option, however the ultimate goal is to eventually turn pro.

We wish Jessica the best of luck in Canada! Stay tuned for more updates on our Blog.