JMTA is now in Session!

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

Goodbye summer, hello fall and the new season of JMTA! Tennis is now in session for the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at SPORTIME Randall’s Island. Over 200 students will return to the program this week, along with our new students, to participate in one of the country’s most recognized tennis academies.

“Our Coaching is Positive, Encouraging and Motivating.  We believe that when kids are motivated and encouraged, good things happen.  Our students are held to a high standard that demands hard work and genuine effort.  Our coaches challenge players in positive and supportive ways.  We know that self-confidence is absolutely essential in building a successful competitive player in an individual sport like tennis.  And building self-confidence comes from hard work on the part of the player, encouragement from his or her coaches and the love and support of his or her family.  When all three are in place, we believe that our students will have a strong sense of accomplishment regardless of the ultimate level of play they attain.”

JMTA Director, Lawrence Kleger

“I’m very excited for the New Year. We have lots of great players, and tournament kids, returning; it’s going to be awesome! We will be very involved with their training along with John [McEnroe] and I expect to have an even better year than last year. This year we introduced a new program, MacPrep, designed to prepare younger kids for JMTA. It is our goal to have them ready to be able to compete in tournaments in a year or two. The future is looking bright for the program.”

-Felix Alvarado, Assistant General Manager of Sportime Randall’s Island