Julian Rozenstein to Compete in the Goombay Splash Bowl

Julian and Felix at a Practice Session at JMTA

Julian and Felix at a Practice Session at JMTA

Julian and his coach, Assistant Academy Director Felix Alvarado, are training hard in preparation for a Boys Grade 5 ITF event next week in the Bahamas.  Instead of the annual turkey feast, Julian will be spending his Thanksgiving playing in the Goombay Splash Bowl at the BLTA National Tennis Centre in Nassau.  While the draws have not yet been posted, as of now, based upon the applicant pool, Julian will have to qualify for the tournament.  Leading up to the tournament, both Julian and Felix have their expectations.

“I expect a tough tournament with high level players,” says Julian. “I am going to take it one point at a time, try my hardest each point, and hopefully come out with the title!”  When asked if he is upset that he won’t be able to participate in Thanksgiving festivities, Julian said, “Tennis is my passion.  I’d rather be on a tennis court, especially in the Bahamas, then anywhere else.  So no, I’m not upset.”

“(Julian) may need to qualify for the tournament,” says Felix.  “If he does, I expect him to qualify.   Hopefully he gets into the main draw without needing to qualify so he saves some energy.  But either way, he is going to fight for every point, take it one match at a time and give it his all.”

Draws for the Goombay Splash Bowl should be out early next week.  Check back then for a preview of Julian’s opening round match-up.