McEnroe Wins Statoil Masters Tennis Legends Title!

Representing his academy well, John McEnroe won the Statoil Masters Tennis Legends title for the third time, defeating Mats Wilander in the final 6-2, 6-4.  Below is a portion of an article posted on the ATP Champions Tour website,, documenting John and Mats’ post match thoughts.  For the full length article, click here.

John McEnroe captured the Statoil Masters Tennis Legends title for the third year in a row on Sunday as he defeated Mats Wilander 6-2, 6-4 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

“I’m figuring I have maybe one or two more years against Mats; he’s getting closer,” said McEnroe, who also defeated Wilander in last year’s final. “So next year it’ll probably go to a third set; that may be the time to hang it up. So that means I can come back one more time!”

Wilander said, “It’s great to get three matches in here plus doubles with Mansour [Bahrami] and John [McEnroe] the other day. I think it’s John that said it’s our Wimbledon these days.”

“I was playing well. I was hitting the ball clean,” said McEnroe. “I got a little careless and Mats’ concentration is great so he takes advantage of some opportunities when they come up. I would have liked to have done a little better with the first serve. The percentage was a bit low for indoors. Other than that I feel like I was hitting the ball great and returning great, putting a lot of pressure on his serve. I was feeling good.”

Wilander said, “John is hitting the ball extremely well. He returns so well. I think that’s something that has maybe got better with age. It’s really hard to find a space in the service box that he doesn’t get to. He seems to read my serve and he’s just a little too good, especially on the big points.”