Anastasiya Chesnokova Qualifies for Junior Orange Bowl and Wins First Round!

Anastasiya and Riko at Orange Bowl

Anastasiya and Riko at Orange Bowl

Over the summer of 2013, JMTA’s newest young star, 12 year old Anastasiya Chesnokova, came to JMTA from her home in the Ukraine seeking an academy to train at in New York.  Assistant Academy Director Felix Alvarado showed Anastasiya and her father around the facility, told them JMTA’s philosophy, and showed them the caliber of the players enrolled in the Academy.  Impressed by both the Academy and Felix’s successes with other top girls, Anastasiya and her family decided this is the place and Felix is the coach for her! The Chesnokov’s relocated to NY at the end of the summer and she has been training at JMTA ever since.

Felix and Anastasiya began working together in earnest this fall and, even with the language barrier, immediately found a connection.  Training with Felix and practicing at the Academy, Anastasiya quickly elevated her game. She is currently competing in Junior Orange Bowl and doing well.  Yesterday, she won her third qualifying match, 6-3, 6-1, and advanced to the main draw.

On Tuesday, in the first round of the main draw, Anastasiya faced Riko Suzuki of Japan (pictured with Anastasiya at right).  While Riko did not need to qualify, she was no match for Anastasiya, who won the match 6-1, 6-1.  On Wednesday, Anastasiya will be tested by a fellow Ukrainian, 9th seeded Anastasia Poplavska.

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