JMTA Students Results at Winter Nationals

BG 18, 16s at Scottsdale, AZ

Oliver Sec-Randall’s Island- B18-Round of 16; Beat #16 and #17 Seeds on the way; round of 32 in Doubles

Sabrina Xiong-Randall’s Island-G16-Semifinals in Doubles; Singles round of 32

Jimmy Wasserman-Randall’s Island- Semifinals of Boys 18 Doubles; Won 1 round in Boys Singles

Justin Lee- Randall’s Island- B16-Won 1 round in Singles

Lubo Cuba-Bethpage – B16 Won 2 rounds in Doubles

Ekim Buyuk-Lake Isle/Randall’s IslandG16 Won 1 round in Doubles

Stepanie Barisano-Lake Isle – G16 Won 1 round in Doubles

Lucas Pickering-Randall’s Island- B18 Main Draw

Richard Sec-Randall’s Island- B18 Main Draw

BG 14, 12s at Tucson, AZ

Spencer Brachman-Bethpage- B12 Singles and Doubles Quarterfinals

Danny Pellerito-Bethpage- B14 Singles Round of 32; Beat #11 Seed

Luke Smith-Lake Isle-B14 Singles Won 4 rounds in consolation

Perene Wang-Randall’s Island- G12 Won 3 rounds in consolation

Ashley Lessen-Bethpage- G14 Quarterfinals in Doubles; Beat the #4 Seeds; Round of 32 in singles

Nathalie Rodilosso-Randall’s Island- G14 Main Draw