College Tennis Writer, Colette Lewis, ‘At a Loss’ Over NCAA Women’s Rankings

On Friday, January 10th, Colette Lewis of commented on the NCAA Women’s Tennis end of season rankings labeling the ranking system as ‘flawed’:

“As for the singles and doubles, here’s where I’m at a loss.  The computer is responsible for the rankings, but the ITA Rankings Guide states that the ranking committee can review this first set of rankings and make adjustments.  They did not adjust them, however, with Jamie Loeb, the North Carolina freshman coming in at No. 2 behind UCLA’s Robin Anderson, whom she beat in both finals of the ITA fall majors.  Loeb has lost once in her freshman year, to NCAA semifinalist Breaunna Addison of Texas, has made ITA history with her two titles as a freshman, and yet she is not No. 1.  If this doesn’t scream that the ranking system is flawed, nothing does.  Of course, all this can be settled on the court at the NCAA tournament, but it sure doesn’t inspire confidence that the seedings there will be indicative of the player’s true stature.”