Elizabeth Tsvetkova Back from Injury

After recovering from a serious knee injury, JMTA’s Elizabeth Tsvetkova is back training at JMTA.  Like fellow JMTA player Julian Rozenstein, Liz underwent surgery to repair her knee.  Though the surgery was successful, she has been sidelined for almost a year.  Still, Liz stayed at JMTA interacting with friends and coaches and rehabilitating/ training with JMTA trainer, SportsLabs’ own Andrew Small.

This past Wednesday was Liz’s first day back on the court.  Though only able to play mini-tennis with Academy Director Lawrence Kleger, she is feeling good.  “One of the toughest parts of coming back from an injury like this is the risk of re-injury” says Liz.  “If I plan on playing at the level I was before the injury, which I do, I have to learn to trust my knee and put my focus on getting my game back.”  Liz will continue to train with both Andrew and Lawrence in the coming weeks and months.  A return to tournament play has not be set yet, though her goal is to begin competition again in June.