JMTA Lake Isle Parent/Player Doubles Event A Big Success!

On Friday, the JMTA Eastchester Annex at Sportime Lake Isle hosted our first JMTA social event – a JMTA Parent/Child Doubles Round Robin – a night designed for some fun and competition on the tennis court.  This particular evening was designed for our true players – kids aged 9 -17 that are enrolled in JMTA 4-6pm & 6-8pm sessions – and their tennis playing parents.

We had 18 family teams playing over 2 hours of tennis – mother/daughter, father/son, mother/son and father/daughter – and because all our tennis playing parents wanted to get in on the fun – we even had a few “platoon” mother/father/kid teams.

After official round robin competition ended and with some players wanting more tennis – the courts were used for pick-up games. And in a reversal of the norm, at the end of the night – it was the kids who were pulling the parents off the court!

This was an “Everybody Wins” event!

Thank you to the Anidjar, Bhangdia, Boccia, Foster, Fry, Goldberg, Gordon, Gottlieb, Hu, Kaplan, Kim, Kornfeld, Rosen, Schalkwyk, Silberstein, Tucker, Wei, and Witkowska families for making this night a big success!

And don’t worry – for those families who were unable to attend, or our JMTA players with non-playing parents, or our younger MacPrep & MacStart kids – this was just our first event.  We have plans for future social and fun events at JMTA Lake Isle – with all our players in mind!