Eight JMTAers Win Titles

JMTA students collected a total of eight championships the weekend of Nov. 7-9.

Sean Mullins (Boys 18, L1B Alley Pond November Challenger), Hayden Cassone (pictured above; Boys 18, L1B Cherry Pie Challenger, also a doubles semifinalist there), Chelsea Williams (Girls 16, L1B CourtSense at Bogota & TRC Racquet Club Winter Challenger), Astro Pilopovic (Boys 10, L1B at Bogota), Maxwell Moadel (Boys 14, L1B Jericho/Westbury Fall Challenger), Nicholas Laffont (Boys 12, L20 Bethpage State Park Fall Open, taking out the No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4 seeds), David Pines (Boys 16, 20 Sportime Syosset November Open) and Scott Fischer (Boys 14, L20 Armonk Indoor November Open, toppling the No. 1 seed) all took singles titles.

Full results below:

L1B Alley Pond November Challenger

Boys’ 18 Singles

Sean Mullins; Champion

Sean Patrick; Main Draw

Boys’ 14 Singles

Wesley Zhang; Quarterfinalist; defeated the number (4) seed

Noah Kaye; Main Draw

Girls’ 18 Singles

Courtney Kowalsky; Semifinalist

L1B Cherry Pie Challenger

Boys’ 18

Hayden Cassone; Singles Champion; Doubles Semifinalist

Colin Sacco; Round of 16 Singles

L1B CourtSense at Bogota & TRC Racquet Club Winter Challenger

Girls’ 16 Singles

Chelsea Williams; Champion

Boys’ 16 Singles

Brandon Grill; Finalist; defeated the number (2), (4), and (5) seeds

Daniel Ertel; Round of 16

Robert Millman; Round of 16

Peter Frelinghuysen; Main Draw

Boys’ 14 Singles

Harrison Saladini; Quarterfinalist; defeated the number (2) seed

Ethan Finley; Round of 16

L1B at Bogota

Boys’ 10

Astro Pilopovic; Champion

L1B Jericho/Westbury Fall Challenger

Boys’ 14 Singles

Maxwell Moadel; Champion

Girls’14 Singles

Denise Lai; Quarterfinalist

L1B Sportime Quogue November Challenger

Boys’ 16 Singles

George Kaslow; Finalist

L1B CMTC Fall Challenger

Boys’ 12 Singles

Bradley Bennett; Finalist

Adrien Jippov; Semifinalist

Gunnar Overstrom; Main Draw

Girls’ 12 Singles

Janelle Chen; Main Draw

L1B World Gym November Challenger

Boys’ 10 Singles

Dominick Mosejczuk; Finalist

L1B Sportime Lake Isle November Challenger

Girls’ 14 Singles

Audrey Pacthod; Quarterfinalist

L1B Stadium Tennis Center November Challenger

Girls’ 12 Singles

Natalie Eordekian; Quarterfinalist

Katherine Krieger; Main Draw

Boys’ 12 Singles

Luca DeMare; Main Draw

Sam Scherer; Main Draw

Mike Shepard; Main Draw

Jack Volpert; Main Draw

Girls’ 16 Singles

Alexandra Sanford; Main Draw

L1B Sportime Harbor Island November Challenger

Girls’ 16 Singles

Cosima Boettner; Round of 16

Fiona Boettner; Round of 16

L20 Bethpage State Park Fall Open

Boys’ 12 Singles

Nicholas Laffont; Champion; defeated the number (1), (3), and (4) seeds

Girls’ 12 Singles

Blakely Duskin; Semifinalist

Taylor Overstrom; Quarterfinalist

L20 Sportime Syosset November Open

Boys’ 16 Singles

David Pines; Champion; defeated the number (1) and (3) seeds

Boys’ 14 Singles

Justin Oresky; Semifinalist

Alfonso Laffont; Main Draw

L20 Armonk Indoor November Open

Boys’ 14 Singles

Scott Fischer; Champion; defeated the number (1) seed

L20 Chestnut Ridge November Open

Boys’ 12 Singles

David Hendon; Semifinalist