JMTA Hosts First Invitational Training Camp

The John McEnroe Tennis Academy launched its newest offering this weekend: JMTA Training Camps! The inaugural Training Camp was held on Sunday, November 16 at SPORTIME Bethpage for a select group of Boys’ 12 players from all three JMTA sites: Randall’s Island, Lake Isle and Syosset. Training Camps, which are complimentary, are intensive, full-day sessions of live-ball drills, point play simulation training, match-play, and athletic training and conditioning.

November 16 JMTA Training Camp attendees included: Sebastian Sec, Justin Oresky, Gunnar Overstrom, Nicholas Murphy, Sam Scherer, Jack Benavides, David Hendon, Noah Eisenberg, Kevin Golub, Luca Demare, Maxwell Kachkarov, and Roey Nornberg.

JMTA Training Camps are coordinated and run by JMTA Assistant Director and Tournament Team Director Greg Bolitsky.

“Sunday was about bringing players from all three JMTA sites together to work, train and compete as a team,” said Bolitsky. The boys worked extremely hard, not only pushing themselves, but pushing each other to the limit.”