Four JMTA Students Win Titles

Lauren Haukova, Stephen Gruppuso, Colin Sacco and Dana Livson earned titles play over the January 9-11 weekend.

Haukova won at Girls 16 at the Eastern Grand Prix in the Bronx. Gruppuso was the winner at Boys 18 at the L1B Christopher Morley ATS Challenger; Sacco was the winner at the L1B Bethpage State Park Winter Challenger, and Livson claimed first place at Girls 12 at the L20 CourtSense at Bogota & TRC January Open.

Full Results follow:

Eastern Grand Prix Events

Girls 16 (Bronx, NY)
Loren Haukova  Singles Champion
Michelle Sorokko- 4th Place; lost to Loren Haukova in semis
Chelsea Williams- Rd of 16; 1 win in consolation
Ashley Lessen- Rd of 16
Merri Kelly- 2 wins in consolation
Nathalie Rodilosso- 1 win in consolation

Boys 12 (Bronx, NY)
Sebastian Sec- Singles Finalist; Unseeded, beat the #2, #6 and #8 Seeds
Max Kachkarov- 4th Place; Beat the #4 Seed; lost to #1 Seed in semis
Wesley Zhang- Quarterfinalist
Alex Vinsky- Rd of 16 1 win in consolation

Boys 18 (Harbor Island, NY)
Sam Turchetta- Singles Finalist; Unseeded, beat the #1 and #4 seeds
Jake Bhangdia; Rd of 16; 3 wins in consolation
Lubo Cuba- Rd of 16; 1 win in consolation
Ananth Raghavan- Rd of 16
Jack Turchetta- Rd of 16
Sean Mullins- 1 win in consolation

Girls 14 (Nanuet, NY)
Georgia Ryan- Singles Finalist
Perene Wang- Rd of 16

Lantis Wang

Lantis Wang

Boys 14 (New Windsor, NY)
Lantis Wang- Singles Finalist
Blake Frank- Main Draw
Harry Portnoy- Main Draw
Robbie Werdiger- Main Draw

Boys 16 (Alley Pond, NY)
Danny Pellerito- 3rd Place; Unseeded, beat the Beat the #7 Seed
Hayden Cassone- Quarterfinalist; 1 win in consolation
Sean Wei- Quarterfinalist
Sean Patrick- Main Draw
Daniel Weitz- Main Draw

Girls 12 (Hastings on Hudson, NY)
Daniella Benabraham- 3rd Place
Natalie Eordekian- Rd of 16

Girls 18 (Armonk, NY)
Gillian Perrotta- Quarterfinalist
Ekim Buyuk- 4 wins in consolation
Christina Puccinelli- 3 wins in consolation
Sabrina Barisano- Rd of 16

L1B Christopher Morley ATS Challenger
Boys’ 18 Singles
Stephen Gruppuso; Champion

L1B Bethpage State Park Winter Challenger
Colin Sacco; Champion

L20 CourtSense at Bogota & TRC January Open
Girls’ 12 Singles
Dana Livson; Champion
Carolyn Finerman; Semifinalist
Boys’ 16 Singles
Jackson Trevor; Semifinalist
Boys’ 10 Singles:
Wyatt Trevor; Quarterfinalist
Boys’ 12 Singles
Jonah Nir; Main Draw
Leo Nir; Main Draw

L1B Sportime Lake Isle Winter Challenger
Boys’ 14 Singles
Alex Portnoy; Semifinalist (defeated No. 2 seed)
Zachary Portnoy; Main Draw

L1B Club Fit JV Westchester Winter Challenger
Boys’ 12 Singles
Sam Scherer; Semifinalist

L20 Eastern Athletic Open
Girls’ 14 Singles
Alina Kargin-Utkin; Finalist
Boys’ 12 Singles
Marcus DeMare; Quarterfinalist
Boys’ 10 Singles
Luca DeMare; Main Draw

L20 Sportime RI January Open
Girls’ 12 Singles
Abigail Hammer; Semifinalist
Blakely Duskin; Quarterfinalist
Diana Frelinghuysen; Quarterfinalist
Jordan Ben-Shumel; Main Draw
Girls’ 14 Singles
Elisabeth Schlossel: Finalist
Boys’ 12 Singles
Jackson Gold; Semifinalist
Miles Pines; Quarterfinalist
Carter Gold; Main Draw
Boys’ 14 Singles
Dylan Charles; Semifinalist
Cameron Jury; Quarterfinalist

L1B Sportime Bethpage January Challenger
Boys’ 16 Singles
Maxwell Moadel; Quarterfinalist
David Pines; Main Draw
Matthew Terlovsky; Main Draw

L1B WOTC Winter Challenger
Boys’14 Singles
Joseph Wilkanowski; Round of 16
Marcos Lee; Main Draw

L1B LBTC Winter Blues Challenger
Girls’ 14 Doubles
Janelle Chan; Main Draw

L1B Mtn Lakes TTTC January Challenger
Boys’ 16 Singles
Brandon Grill; Semifinalist
Peter Frelinghuysen; Round of 16
Justin Gold; Main Draw
Boys’ 18 Singles
Robert Millman; Main Draw
Girls’ 18 Singles
Electra Frelinghuysen; Main Draw