Seven Win Weekend Titles

Seven JMTA students earned championships, including five in singles, the weekend ending Feb. 25.

Lubomir Cuba won in Boys 18 singles at the L1 New Shrewsbury Racquet Club Eastern Grand Prix; Sean Patrick was the Boys 18 champ at the L1B Point Set Tennis February Challenger; and Harrison Gradin (pictured) took Boys 10 singles at the L1B Tennis Gladiatorz Championships; and Taylor Overstrom won Girls 12 singles at the L2O Sportime Lynbrook.

Three JMTA students won at Boys 14 at the L2O Jericho/Westbury Winter Open: Harrison Saladini was the singles champ and the tandem of Aaron and Alex Vinsky won the doubles title.

Full results:

+L1 New Shrewsbury Racquet Club Eastern Grand Prix

Boys’ 18 Singles

Lubomir Cuba; Champion

Sean Mullins; Quarterfinalist; won one consolation match

Oliver Sec; Quarterfinalist

Athell Bennett; Round of 16; won two consolation matches

Same Turchetta; Round of 16

Maurice Russo; won one consolation match

Colin Sacco; Main Draw

Jake Bhangdia; Main Draw

Stephen Gruppuso; Main Draw

+L1 West Rock Eastern Grand Prix

Girls’ 16 Singles

Aleksandra Bekirova; Quarterfinalist

Ashley Lessen; Quarterfinalist

Georgia Ryan; won three consolation matches

Nathalie Rodilosso; won two consolation matches

Chelsea Williams; won one consolation match

Merri Kelly; Main Draw

+L1 Bogota Eastern Grand Prix

Boys’ 12 Singles

Maxwell Kachkarov; Quarterfinalist; won one consolation match

Sebastian Sec; Quarterfinalist

Luca DeMare; Round of 16

Alexander Karman; Round of 16

Wesley Zhang; won two consolation matches

Sachin Palta; Main Draw

Sam Scherer; Main Draw

Jack Benavides; Main Draw

Sidharth Chawla; Main Draw

+L1 Stadium Tennis Center Eastern Grand Prix

Boys’ 14 Singles

Blake Frank; Round of 16

Maxwell Moadel; Round of 16

Joseph Wilkanowski; Round of 16

Harrison Saladini; Round of 32

Tristan Taylor; Round of 32

Robbie Werdiger; Round of 32

Justin Oresky; Main Draw

Harry Portnoy; Main Draw

Sujay Sharma; Main Draw

+L1 Mtn Lakes Eastern Grand Prix

Girls’ 14 Singles

Katelyn Walker; Round of 16

Calista Sha; won one consolation match

+L1 Tiger Tennis Eastern Grand Prix

Girls’ 18 Singles

Michelle Sorokko; Round of 16; won three consolation matches

Gillian Perrotta; Round of 16

Christina Puccinelli; Round of 16

Loren Haukova; won two consolation matches

Sabrina Barisano; Main Draw

+L1 WOTC Eastern Grand Prix

Boys’ 16 Singles

Cannon Kingsley; Round of 16; won one consolation match

Daniel Weitz; Round of 32

Brandon Grill; Round of 32

Gardner Howe; Round of 32

Timothy Nacca; Main Draw

Neel Raj; Main Draw

Lantis Wang; Main Draw

Peter Frelinghuysen; Main Draw

+L1 Jersey 34 Eastern Grand Prix

Girls’ 12 Singles

Rebecca Suarez; Main Draw

L1B Point Set Tennis February Challenger

Boys’ 18 Singles

Sean Patrick; Champion

Colin Sacco; Finalist

L1B Tennis Gladiatorz Championships

Boys’ 10 Singles

Harrison Gradin; Champion

Dominick Mosejczuk; Finalist

Bobby Duskin; Semifinalist

L1B Sportime Lake Isle February Challenger

Girls’ 14 Singles

Zoe Kava; Finalist

Audrey Pacthod; Quarterfinalist

Boys’ 14 Singles

Nikolay Sahakyan; Quarterfinalist

L1B Bethpage State Park Winter Challenger

Boys’ 12 Singles

Sam Scherer; Finalist; defeated #2 seed

Gunnar Overstrom; Semifinalist

L2O Jericho/Westbury Winter Open


Harrison Saladini; Singles Champion

Aaron Vinsky; Singles Semifinalist; Doubles Champion

Alex Vinsky; Singles Semifinalist; Doubles Champion

Girls’ 14 Singles

Leah Margulies; Finalist; defeated #1 seed

Jih Su Ryu; Semifinalist

L2O Sportime Lynbrook

Girls’ 12 Singles

Taylor Overstrom; Champion

Eleanor Apps; Semifinalist

Boys’ 16 Singles

Jackson Trevor; Quarterfinalist

Boys’ 12 Singles

Jack Volpert; Quarterfinalist

L2O Hardscrabble February Open

Boys’ 16 Singles

Ethan Finley; Semifinalist

L2O NYJTL February Open

Girls’ 12 Singles

Julia Werdiger; Singles Semifinalist