Five Win Titles in Tournament Play Ending April 12

Five JMTAers took titles in tournament play over the April 10-12 weekend.

Georgia Ryan took Girls 16 singles at the L1 Gold’s Dewitt April Championships; Annie Reiner won the Girls 18 event at the L1B Sportime Lake Isle April Challenger; Calista Sha was the winner at Girls 16 at the L1B Point Set April Challenger; Bennett Bradley took the Boys 12 singles crown at the L1B Sportime Syosset Challenger; and Alyssa An won at Girls 12 at the L1B Hardscrabble Nike Camp Spring Challenger.

Full results:

L1 Gold’s Dewitt April Championships

Girls’ 16 Singles

Georgia Ryan; Champion

L1 APTC April Championships

Boys’ 18 Singles

Jake Bhangdia; Finalist

Sean Patrick; Semifinalist

L1 Sportime Harbor Island April Championships

Girls’ 16 Singles

Maranda Sears; Finalist

Chelsea Williams; Quarterfinalist

L1 Armonk Sports Center’s April Championships

Boys’ 14 Singles

Blake Frank; Finalist

Marcos Lee; Quarterfinalist

Jeffrey McCready; Round of 16

Joseph Wilkanowski; Round of 32

Wesley Zhang; Round of 32

L1 Stadium Tennis Center April Championships

Girls’ 18 Singles

Merri Kelly; Semifinalist

Ashley Lessen; Quarterfinalist

Nathalie Rodilosso; Quarterfinalist

L1 Sportsplex Hudson Valley April Champions

Girls’ 14 Singles

Denise Lai; Semifinalist

L1 Club Fit JV Westchester April Championships

Boys’ 16 Singles

Lantis Wang; Quarterfinalist

L1 Courtsense at Bogota April Championships

Girls’ 12 Singles

Rebecca Suarez; Round of 16

L1B Sportime Lake Isle April Challenger

Girls’ 18 Singles

Annie Reiner; Champion

L1B Point Set April Challenger

Girls’ 16 Singles

Calista Sha; Champion

L1B Sportime Syosset Challenger

Boys’ 12 Singles

Bennett Bradley; Champion

L1B Hardscrabble Nike Camp Spring Challenger

Girls’ 12 Singles

Alyssa An; Champion

L1B WOTC April Challenger

Boys’ 14 Singles

Scott Fischer; Round of 16