Three Mayor’s Cup Champions Highlight JMTA Tournament Play

Shawn Jackson, Solomon Brown and Natalie Eordekian won titles in the Mayor’s Cup All-Scholastic Tennis Championships, highlighting a strong weekend of play for JMTA students over the weekend.

Jackson won the Boys’ Varsity Singles title, while Brown was the Boys’ Elementary School winner and Eordekian the Elementary Girls winner.

Other weekly winners were Billy Suarez (Boys 14, Eastern Super Six Championships at Mendham), Scott Fischer (Boys 14, L1B West Rock June Challenger), Bradley Bennett (Boys 12, L1B Sportime Syosset June Challenger), Ashley Lessen (1B Jericho/Westbury Summer Challenger) and Jack Benavides (L2O Westhampton Beach Open).

Shawn was also named an Advance all-star by the Staten Island Advance.

Full results:

Mayor’s Cup All-Scholastic Tennis Championships

Boys’ Varsity Singles

Shawn Jackson; Champion

Alexander Pintille; Round of 16

Girls’ Varsity Singles

Aleksandra Bekirova; Finalist

Katherine Kachkarov; Quarterfinalist

Victoria Sec; Quarterfinalist

Natalie Margulies; Round of 16

Katelyn Walker; Main Draw

Boys’ Middle School Singles

Sujay Sharma; Finalist

Jeffrey McCready; Semifinalist

Robbie Werdiger; Semifinalist

Matthew Mosejczuk; Quarterfinalist

Tristan Taylor; Quarterfinalist

Wesley Zhang; Round of 16

Donovan Brown; Round of 16

Maxwell Kachkarov; Round of 16

Sidharth Chawla; Round of 32

Bradley Bennett; Round of 32

Benett Abeles; Round of 64

Neil Epstein; Round of 64

Ty Switzer; Main Draw

Sachin Palta; Main Draw

Jonah Nir; Main Draw

Girls’ Middle School Singles

Perene Wang; Quarterfinalist

Diana McCready; Round of 16

Leila Epstein; Round of 32

Kassia Taylor; Round of 32

Alyssa An; Main Draw

Jih Su Ryu; Main Draw

Boys’ Elementary School Singles

Solomon Brown; Champion

Leo Nir; Round of 32

Marco Ziets-Segura; won one consolation match

Girls’ Elementary School Singles

Natalie Eordekian; Champion

Linda Ziets-Segura; Round of 16

Eleanor Apps; Round of 16

Daniella Benabraham; Round of 16

Eastern Super Six Championships at Mendham

Billy Suarez; Champion – Boys’ 14

Marcos Lee; Quarterfinalist – Boys’ 14

Sujay Sharma; Round of 16 – Boys’ 14

Kabir Rajpal; Round of 32; won three consolation matches – Boys’ 14

Donovan Brown; Round of 32 – Boys’ 14

Maxwell Kachkarov; Round of 32 – Boys’ 14

Tristan Taylor; Round of 32 – Boys’ 14

Robbie Werdiger; Round of 32 – Boys’ 14

Joseph Wilkanowski; Round of 32 – Boys’ 14

Wesley Zhang; Main Draw – Boys’ 14

Eastern Super Six Championships at WOTC

Daniella Benabraham; 3rd Place – Girls’ 12

Dana Livson; Round of 32; won one consolation match – Girls’ 12

Janelle Chen; won one consolation match – Girls’ 12

Rebecca Suarez; Main Draw – Girls’ 12

Eleanor Apps; Main Draw – Girls’ 12

Eastern Super Six Championships at Bogota & TRC

Sebastian Sec; Quarterfinalist – Boys’ 12

Alexander Karman; Round of 16; won one consolation match – Boys’ 12

Ty Switzer; Round of 16; Consolation Winner – Boys’ 12

Alex Vinsky; Round of 32; won two consolation matches – Boys’ 12

Sachin Palta; Round of 32 – Boys’ 12

Noah Eisenberg; Won one consolation match – Boys’ 12

Solomon Brown; Main Draw – Boys’ 12

Luca DeMare; Main Draw – Boys’ 12

Astro Pilipovic; Main Draw – Boys’ 12

Sam Scherer; Main Draw – Boys’ 12

Eastern Super Six Championships at Maywood

Francesca Karman; Round of 16 – Girls’ 14

Perene Wang; Consolation Finalist – Girls’ 14

Denise Lai; Round of 32 – Girls’ 14

L1B West Rock June Challenger

Boys’ 14 Singles

Scott Fischer; Champion

L1B Sportime Syosset June Challenger

Boys’ 12 Singles

Bradley Bennett; Champion

Girls’ 12 Singles

Alina Kargin-Utkin; Finalist

L1B Jericho/Westbury Summer Challenger

Ashley Lessen; Champion

L2O Westhampton Beach Open

Girls’ 12 Singles

Jack Benavides; Champion