R. Werdiger, J. Werdiger, Ostrander, Sears, Raj Win Titles

In an abbreviated slate of action the weekend ending Sept. 13, five JMTAers emerged victorious in tournament play.

Robbie Werdiger (age 14) won the Boys 18 singles at the L1B Tri-City September Challenger, topping the No. 1 seed in the finals. Julia Werdiger took Girls 12 at the same event, and teamed with Samantha Ostrander to claim the doubles crown (Ostrander also made it an all-JMTA singles final). Maranda Sears won at Girls 18 at Girls’ 18 at the L1B CourtSense at Bogota & Tenafly Fall Challenger, while Neel Raj took the Boys 16 crown at the 1B HPSA Challenger at Crotona Park.

Full results:

L1B Tri-City September Challenger

Boys’ 18 Singles

Robbie Werdiger – Champion (won the Boys’ 18 and is only 14 years old)

Boys’ 14 Doubles

Robbie Werdiger – Champion

Girls’ 12

Julia Werdiger – Singles Champion and Doubles Champion

Samantha Ostrander; Doubles Champion; Singles Finalist

L1B CourtSense at Bogota & Tenafly Fall Challenger

Girls’ 18

Maranda Sears; Champion

Daniella Benabraham; Semifinalist

Boys’ 12

Adrien Jippov; Semifinalist

L1B HPSA Challenger at Crotona Park

Boys’ 16

Neel Raj; Champion

Boys’ 14

Hudson Beaudoin; Semifinalist

Solomon Brown; Semifinalist

L1B Jericho/Westbury Fall Challenger

Girls’ 12

Taylor Overstrom; Finalist

L1B 10U Hardscrabble September Challenger

Boys’ 10

Dominick Mosejczuk; Quarterfinalist

L2O GST Fall Open

Girls’ 12

Isabella Mandis; Finalist