JMTAers star at Empire Cup; Seven Winners For The Weekend

JMTA students had a strong weekend ending Oct. 4, highlighted by seven championships and numerous finals.

Empire Cup National Doubles winners included Athell Bennett (Boys 18) and Loren Haukova (Girls 18) at Jericho/Westbury; Michelle Sorokko (Girls 16) at GHRC; Billy Suarez (Boys 14) at RWTTC; the duo of Sebastian Sec and Ty Switzer (Boys 12) and Daniella Benabraham (Girls 12) at Point Set.

Full results follow:

Empire Cup National Doubles at Jericho/Westbury

Boys 18

Athell Bennett; Champion

Jake Bhangdia; Finalist

Sean Mullins; Finalist

Sean Patrick; 4th Place

Peter Lohrbach; won one consolation match

Girls 18

Loren Haukova, Champion

Ashley Lessen; 3rd Place

Empire Cup National Doubles at GHRC

Girls 16

Michelle Sorokko; Champion

Nathalie Rodilosso; Finalist

Victoria Sec; Finalist

Aleksandra Bekirova; 3rd Place

Merri Kelly; Quarterfinalist

Courtney Kowalsky; Quarterfinalist

Calista Sha; Quarterfinalist

Lauren Munari; won two consolation matches

Chelsea Williams; won one consolation match

Georgia Ryan; won one consolation match

Boys 16

Sean Wei; 4th Place

Spencer Brachman; Round of 16

Gregory Coe; Round of 32

David Pines; Round of 32

Ronald Hohmann; won one consolation match

Neel Raj; won one consolation match

Empire Cup National Doubles at RWTTC

Boys 14

Billy Suarez; Champion

Sujay Sharma; Quarterfinalist

Marcos Lee; Round of 16

Tristan Taylor; Round of 16

Robbie Werdiger; Round of 16

Wesley Zhang; Round of 32

Justin Oresky; won one consolation match

Donovan Brown; won one consolation match

Jack Flores; won one consolation match

Girls 14

Denise Lai; 3rd Place

Perene Wang; Quarterfinalist

Zoe Kava; Round of 16

Empire Cup National Doubles at Point Set

Boys 12

Sebastian Sec; Champion

Ty Switzer; Champion

Sachin Palta; Finalist

Hudson Beaudoin; 3rd Place

Alex Vinsky; Quarterfinalist

Adrien Jippov; Round of 16

Noah Eisenberg; Consolation Winner

Sam Scherer; Consolation Winner

Solomon Brown; won two consolation matches

Girls 12

Daniella Benabraham; Champion

Natalie Eordekian; Quarterfinalist

Rebecca Suarez; Quarterfinalist

Dana Livson; Quarterfinalist

L1 Huntington Indoor Fall Championships

Girls 10

Sophia Cisse; Finalist

Boys 10

Dominick Mosejczuk; Consolation Winner

L1B Armonk Indoor Fall Challenger

Boys 14

Scott Fischer; Finalist

Boys 12

Nicholas Murphy; Finalist

L1B CourtSense Bogota & TRC October Challenger

Boys 14

Luca DeMare; Semifinalist

Boys 16

Joseph Reiner; Quarterfinalist

Girls 10

Diya Chawla; Quarterfinalist

Rahul Vasudev; Quarterfinalist

L2O Sportime Kings Park October Open

Boys 12

Miles Pines; Semifinalist

L2O West Rock October Open

Boys 12

Jack Griffin; Semifinalist