USTA Tournament Results 1/15-1/18

USTA Tournament Results 1/15-1/18
JMTA players take two prestigious Eastern Super Six titles in addition to multiple Level 1B and Level 2O tournaments.

January 15-18 was an important weekend in Eastern junior tennis, with Super Six events in all age groups that were also national Level 3 events. At the Super Six at Port Washington, Athell Bennett was crowned the Boys’ 18 champion, defeating fellow JMTA player Jake Bhangdia in the semi-finals. In the Boys’ 16 Super Six at the Ross School, Sean Wei defeated another JMTA player, Cannon Kingsley, to take the title.

Denise Lai went two-for-two in finals in 2016, taking home the Girls’ 16 Level 1B title at Jericho/Westbury. Xander Roti was the champion of the Boys’ 16 Level 1B event at SPORTIME Harbor Island. And in doubles competition at the Level 1A in Binghamton, Alex Portnoy (partnered with Josef Sajonz) was the winner.

Level 2 action also saw JMTA champions, with Alex Vinsky taking the title at the Boys’ 14 Level 2O at Alley Pond, Sunjay Singh claiming the Boys’ 14 trophy at SPORTIME Randall’s Island and Olivia Boccia defeating the first seed in the semis to win the Girls’ 14 Level 2O at SPORTIME Lake Isle. The Level 2O at Long Beach had two JMTA champions, with Tola Glowacka winning the Girls’ 12 division and Costa Gizas taking the title in the Boys’ 12 doubles. Rounding out our winners for the weekend was Chantajah Mills, who took the Girls’ 10 title at the PSP Level 2 in the Bronx.

Congratulations to all of our tournament winners!

All JMTA results:
Eastern Super Six at Port Washington Tennis Academy (National L3)
Boys 18
Athell Bennett: Champion
Jake Bhangdia: Semifinalist; defeated #3 seed in consolation

Sean Wei

Sean Wei

Eastern Super Six at Ross School (National L3)
Boys 16                                                                             
Sean Wei: Champion 
Cannon Kingsley: Finalist
Daniel Pellerito: Quarterfinalist
Spencer Brachman: Quarterfinalist; defeated #5 seed in Round of 16
Ronald Hohmann: Quarterfinalist; defeated #8 seed in Round of 32
William Turchetta: defeated #5 seed in consolation

Eastern Super Six at World Gym (National L3)
Loren Haukova: Quarterfinalist
Michelle Sorokko: won 5 consolation rounds; defeated #8 seed in consolation
Christina Sisti: won 4 consolation rounds; defeated #5 seed in consolation
Nathalie Rodilosso: won 3 consolation rounds

Eastern Super Six at RWTTC (National L3)
Girls 16
Georgia Ryan: Semifinalist
Aleksandra Bekirova: Quarterfinalist
Merri Kelly: Quarterfinalist

Eastern Super Six at Point Set (National L3)
Perene Wang: Finalist; defeated #1 seed in Semifinals

Eastern Super Six at Deer Park (National L3)
Boys 14
Billy Suarez: Semifinalist; defeated #2 seed in consolation final
Noah Edelman: Quarterfinalist
Jack Flores: defeated #5 seed in Round of 32
Sebestian Sec: defeated #6 seed in Round of 32

Eastern Super Six at Huntington Indoor (National L3)
Girls 12
Natalie Eordekian: Quarterfinalist
Dana Livson: Consolation Semifinalist

Eastern Super Six at SPORTIME Bethpage (National L3)
Adrien Jippov: defeated #4 seed in consolation

L1A Tiger Tennis Winter Championships
Neel Raj: Finalist
Ilya Semenov: Quarterfinalist; defeated #2 seed in Round of 32

L1A CourtSense at Bogota & TRC Winter Championships
Boys 14
Wesley Zhang: Finalist; defeated #1 seed in semifinals
Maxwell Kachkarov: Semifinalist

L1A Binghamton Tennis Center Winter Championships
Boys 14
Noah Eisenberg: Finalist
Boys 14 Doubles
Alex Portnoy (w/ Josef Sajonz): Champions

L1A Stadium Tennis Center Winter Championships
Boys 12
Nicholas Murphy: Semifinalist

L1A Cary Leeds Center Championships
Girls 18
Lauren Munari: Quarterfinalist; defeated #3 seed in Round of 16

L1B Jericho/Westbury Winter Challenger
Girls 16
Denise Lai: Champion

L1B SPORTIME Harbor Island January Challenger
Boys 16
Alexander Roti: Champion
Blake Frank: Finalist; defeated #2 seed in semifinals

L1B SPORTIME Kings Park Winter Challenger
Nicolette Loeffler: Finalist

L2O APTC January Open
Boys 14
Alex Vinsky: Champion
Aaron Vinsky: Semifinalist

L2O SPORTIME RI January Open
Boys 14
Sunjay Singh: Champion
Girls 14
Sheyna Karen: Finalist; defeated #2 seed in semifinals

L2O SPORTIME Lake Isle January Open
Girls 14
Olivia Boccia: Champion; defeated #1 seed in semifinals
Olga Lew-Kiedrowska: Semifinalist

L2O LBTC Bring It On Classic
Girls 12
Tola Glowacka: Champion
Boys 12 Doubles
Costa Gizas (w/ Joshua Staroselskiy): Champion

L2O Bethpage State Park Winter Open
Boys 14
Joshua Elenowitz: Finalist

L2O Hardscrabble Winter Open
Girls 16
Michele Getselevich: Finalist; defeated #1 seed in semifinals

PSP L2 Bronx: Orange Ball
Girls 10
Chantajah Mills: Champion
Boys 10
John Mills: Quarterfinalist