In a weekend full of snow up to our knees, several JMTA players were in action!

With a very impressive final match at the L1B Hardscrabble January Challenger in which he defeated the #1 seed, Nikolay Sahakyan was able to take home the Boys’ 14 championship trophy, the week ending Jan. 24! Also winning this weekend was Neel Epstein, who grabbed the L2O January Open Boys’ 14 title at the New Rochelle Racquet Club.

Congratulations to Nikolay and Neel!

L1B Hardscrabble January Challenger

Boys 14

Nikolay Sahakyan: Champion; defeated #1 seed in finals

Girls 14

Sara Hove: Semifinalist

L1B Jericho/Westbury January Challenger

Boys 14

Alex Vinsky: Semifinalist

Azim Gangat: Quarterfinalist

L1B Courtsense Bogota & Tenafly Winter Challenger

Girls 14

Elisabeth Schlossel: Quarterfinalist

L1B 10U Green Ball Challenger at Hardscrabble

Boys 10

Charlie Valentine: Semifinalist

Lucas Villamizar: Quarterfinalist

L2O Eastern Athletic January Open

Boys 14

Zachary Chan: Semifinalist

L2O January Open at New Rochelle Racquet Club

Boys 14

Neel Epstein: Champion