JMTA Players win several tournaments over Easter weekend!

USTA Tournament Results 3/25-3/27

With a large number of JMTA players breaking from tournament play over the Easter weekend, a select few players took to the courts with several recording tournament wins!

At the L1B CourtSense at Bogota RC Spring Challenger, Alexander Roti won the Boys 16 title. Winning the Boys 14 championship at the L1B GHRC Glen Head Challenger was Sachin Palta. Our last tournament winner for this weekend was Linda Ziets-Segura who won the Girls 12 title at the L1B Bethpage State Park March Challenger.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

L1B CourtSense at Bogota RC Spring Challenger
Boys 16
Alexander Roti: Champion

Boys 10
Charlie Valentine: Semifinalist

L1B GHRC Glen Head Challenger
Boys 14
Sachin Palta: Champion
Bilal Rashidzada: Quarterfinalist
Azim Gangat: Quarterfinalist

Girls 14
Madeline Richmond: Finalist

L1B Bethpage State Park March Challenger
Girls 12
Linda Ziets-Segura: Champion

Boys 12
Andrew Ena: Semifinalist

L1B Cunningham Park Tennis Center Spring Challenger
Boys 16
Matthew Cashin: Semifinalist
Julian Szuper: Quarterfinalist

Girls 16
Denise Lai: Semifinalist

Boys 12
Luka Markovic: Semifinalist

L1B Garden State Easter Classic
Boys 18
Lucas Arora: Quarterfinalist

L1B SPORTIME Kings Park March Challenger
Boys 10
Marco Ziets-Segura: Semifinalist

L2O Jericho/Wesbury March Open
Boys 14
Joshua Elenowitz: Semifinalist

L2O SPORTIME Harbor Island March Open
Girls 16
Michele Getselevich: Finalist