JMTA Players Impress over the Weekend of April 22nd – 24th

USTA Tournament Results 4/22-4/24

With the players of the John McEnroe Tennis Academy working hard to ‘Train 52’, it is no surprise that several JMTA players won tournaments in Eastern competition this past weekend!

At the Level 1B Armonk Sports Center’s April Challenger, Eikoh Hayashi won the Boys 18 title. In his run to the championship, Eikoh faced tough competition including defeating the #2 seed in the Semifinals. At the Level 1B Cary Leeds April Flowers Challenger, Felix Levine also defeated the #2 seed in the Semifinals in the Boys 16 competition. Perhaps what was more impressive about Felix’s tournament championship is that he defeated the #1 seed in the Finals 6-0; 6-0. After losing the first set in the finals match against the #1 seed, Alex Vinsky fought from behind to claim the Boys 14 title at the Level 1B SPORTIME Bethpage Spring Challenger. At the Level 1B SPORTIME at Randall’s Island April Challenger, Sidarth Chawla defeated the #1 seed in the Finals as well. At the Level 1B Jericho/Westbury Spring Challenger, the JMTA claimed both the Girls 12 and Boys 12 titles. For the Girls 12 competition, Taylor Overstrom won, while for the Boys 12 competition, Andrew Ena took home the trophy. Our last winner for this weekend was Jack Kennedy. At the L1B World Gym Spring Challenger, Jack won the Boys 10 division, having to defeat the #2 seed in the Quarterfinals.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Level 1B Armonk Sports Center’s April Challenger
Boys 18
Eikoh Hayashi: Champion

Level 1B Cary Leeds April Flowers Challenger
Boys 16
Felix Levine: Champion
Ilya Semenov: Semifinalist; defeated #3 seed in Quarterfinals
Lucas Arora: Semifinalist

Boys 12
Giuseppe Cerasuolo: Semifinalist; defeated #3 seed in Round of 16; #8 seed in Quarterfinals

Girls 12
Laurentia Arengi-Bentivoglio: Quarterfinalist

Level 1B SPORTIME Bethpage Spring Challenger
Boys 14
Alex Vinsky: Champion
Azim Gangat: Semifinalist

Level 1B SPORTIME at Randall’s Island April 2016 Challenger
Boys 14
Sidarth Chawla: Champion

Girls 14
Kassia Taylor: Quarterfinalist

Level 1B Jericho/Westbury Spring Challenger
Boys 12
Andrew Ena: Champion

Girls 12
Taylor Overstrom: Champion

Level 1B World Gym Springtime Challenger
Boys 10
Jack Kennedy: Champion

Boys 16
Zachary Portnoy: Semifinalist

Level 1B Point Set Spring Challenger
Boys 18
George Kaslow: Finalist

Level 1B APTC April Flowers Challenger
Boys 18
Xavier Pacthod: Semifinalist

Girls 18
Denise Lai: Finalist; defeated #2 seed in Quarterfinals

Girls 14
Rebecca Suarez: Quarterfinalist

Boys 14
Rod Rofougaran: Quarterfinalist
Sean O’Reilly: Quarterfinalist

Level 1B Gameset Tennis April Challenger
Boys 16
Sachin Palta: Quarterfinalist

Level 1B SPORTIME Lake Isle April Open
Girls 14
Fiona Boettner: Finalist

Level 1B SPORTIME Syosset Challenger
Girls 16
Gabriella Sciarrotta: Finalist

Level 1B CourtSense Springtime Challenger at Bogota RC
Girls 10
Diya Chawla: Semifinalist

Level 2R Ryan Kelly Memorial Regional at Huntington
Boys 12
Julian Messina: Finalist
Rahul Vasudev: Semifinalist

Level 2O TI Academy Spring Open
Girls 14
Sophia Sheumack: Semifinalist