USTA Tournament Results March 31 – April 2, 2017

JMTA Players Compete at Prestigious Easter Bowl and Impress at Empire Cup Doubles

The week of March 27 – April 2 saw six of JMTA’s top prospects travel to Indian Wells to compete at the Easter Bowl, one of the USA’s most prestigious national tournaments. In addition, our JMTA players once again had impressive results at the Empire Cup Doubles and managed to capture three trophies.

Sam Scherer, Sujay Sharma, Ty Switzer, Gibson Thomas, Chidimma Okpara and Sophie Graver all got the chance to compete in Indian Wells in their respective age groups. Each player competed hard in fierce, high-level competition.  Stand-out performers were Chidimma Okpara, who defeated the fourth seed on her way to reaching the round of 16 in the Girls’ 16 competition, and Sujay Sharma, who defeated the eighth seed in the first round of the Boys’ 14 division.  In consolation draw play, Gibson Thomas won two consolation rounds in the Girl’s 16 draw and Sam Scherer won two consolation rounds in the Boys’ 14 draw.  Ty Switzer also won a round in the Boys’ 14 consolation draw.

At the Empire Cup, Ty Switzer captured another title at the Boys’ 14 event in New Windsor. Ethan Leon, seeded second at the Boys’ 16 tournament at the Cary Leeds Tennis Center, was also triumphant in winning that title. Armonk was the battleground for the Boys’ and Girls’ 18 event, where Sean Wei brought home JMTA’s third trophy of the weekend. The standout performer at the Girls’ 16 event was Perene Wang, who finished as the runner-up, while Georgia Ryan bowed out in the semifinal and secured a third place finish. Finally, Nina Wiese battled hard but ultimately fell in the final, finishing as the runner up at the Girls’ 12 event in Queens Village.

In local USTA L1B competition, Zoe Tucker won the title at the Girls’ 14 event hosted in White Plains. At the Boys’ 12 event in Tinton Falls, Julian Messina emerged as the winner. Benjamin Ebanks stayed on home soil and competed at the Boys’ 14 tournament at JMTA’s flagship facility on Randall’s Island, where he won the event. And  Rachel Roth capped off an impressive weekend for the JMTA team by winning the Girls’ 12 event in Brewster.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Easter Bowl

Boys’ 12

Sam Scherer – Round of 64, won two consolation matches.

Boys’ 14

Ty Switzer – Round of 64, won one consolation match.

Sujay Sharma – Round of 32, defeated the 8th seed.

Girls’ 16

Gibson Thomas – Round of 64, won two consolation matches.

Chidimma Okpara – Round of 16, won one consolation match.

Girls’ 18

Sophia Graver – First Round


Empire Cup

Boys’ 14

Ty Switzer – Champion

Girls’ 14

Shawnte Beale – 3rd place finish

Boys’ 16

Ethan Leon – Champion

Abhinav Srivastava – Quarterfinalist

Girls’ 16

Perene Wang – Finalist

Georgia Ryan – 3rd place finish

Boys’ 18

Daniel Pellerito / Hayden Cassone – Quarterfinalist

Sean Wei – Champion

Girls’ 18

Sophie Graver – Quarterfinalist

Victoria Sec/Nathalie Rodilosso – Quarterfinalist

Boys’ 12

Ari Cotoulas – 3rd place finish

Alexander Aney – Quarterfinalist

Girls’ 12

Tola Glowacka – Semifinalist

Nina Wiese – Finalist


Level 1B

White Plains Girls’ 14

Zoe Tucker – Champion

Glen Cove Boys’ 18

David Ammendola – Finalist

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 14

Benjamin Ebanks – Champion

Sportime Randall’s Island Girls’ 14

Jordan Ben-Shmuel – Finalist

Sportime Randall’s Island Boys’ 16

Spencer Chandlee – Semifinalist

Jericho Girls’ 16

Ariana Malik – Semifinalist

Brewster Girls’ 12

Rachel Roth – Champion

Port Washington Girls’ 12

Alexandra Ho – Semifinalist


Level 2

Bogota Boys’ 12

Rahul Vasudev – Semifinalist