Fitness Tip of the Week –Director of Performance Sophie Scott

Sophie, Scott

Sophie Scott
Director of Performance

Warm Up – be prepared!

Whether getting ready for a tournament or a JMTA clinic, players should always aim to have completed a brief 10-20 minute warm-up to ensure they are both physically and mentally prepared and have taken precautions to reduce the risk of injury. It is often difficult to find time to warm up if rushing from school to a lesson or match, however being prepared when you arrive will allow you to get on the court early and start warming up.

Upon arrival to your clinic or tournament, have everything ready to go; racket, shoes, and water, then head straight to the court by jogging a few laps or jump rope while waiting for your session/match to begin. Both mental and physical preparations are keys to becoming a successful tennis player; start as you intend to go on the court and get an edge on your opponent.

Components of a good warm up:

  • Heat Generation – Players should perform some type of cardiovascular activity so they can generate a light sweat. This can be done on-court or in the gym by jogging, biking or jumping rope.
  • Dynamic Stretching – Involves moving parts of the body, gradually increasing with reach and/or speed movement to the limits of your range of motion.  
  • Tennis Specific – On court, mimic tennis strokes at the beginning of your match or lesson to increase fluidly of motion. 


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