The McEnroe Way Bringing the Buzz

Noah Rubin & Jamie Loeb

Noah Rubin & Jamie Loeb
JMTA Students

“John McEnroe is busy training the next group of great American tennis players. In 2010, he launched the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) in his hometown of New York City at the SPORTIME Randall’s Island Tennis Center in Manhattan. His vision? Bring the buzz back to tennis–starting in his stomping grounds.

John’s passion and belief is that great players can be developed in urban settings, while still having the opportunity to live at home, pursue their educational goals, and participate in a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. He is living proof. During his developmental years, McEnroe went to the Port Washington Tennis Academy on Long Island and remained involved in other activities, playing high school soccer until he was 18. He knows first-hand that training in a tennis-first environment would have been a recipe for disaster for him, and is instead trying to bring the New York urban mentality to training at his academy, while still producing spectacular talent.”

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Article written by Gina Antoniello – International Business Times

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