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Mentor and Mentee Collide

Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens makes the semis
Photo: Tennis World

19 year old Sloane Stephens, played in the most important match of her young career. She shined last night in a 3 set win over her mentor, the 31 year old Serena Williams.  Going into the Australian Open, Serena’s odds of winning the tournament were 1/1; I.e. odds makers gave her and the field even odds of winning the title.  Sloane, on the other hand, came into the tournament at 300/1.  Now, Sloane moves onto the semis to face the favored Victoria Azarenka.

Going into her match versus the heavily favored Williams, Sloane said she is trying to think of it as the “quarters of a Grand Slam” which “just happens to be Serena” (her idol).  Later, in a press conference, Sloane said, “This morning when I got up, I was like, ‘Look, dude, like, you can do this. Like, go out and play and do your best.”  Then, after shocking Serena and the rest of the tennis world, the first thing Sloane did, like any other teen, was take out her phone and tweet about it.  In a post-match interview with Rennae Stubbs, Stephens seemed to be as excited about doubling her twitter followers as she was about beating a tennis legend.

Bonnie D. Ford, of ESPN, described Sloane’s reaction after the match as, “endearingly young and wide-eyed – a teenager shredding her learner’s permit and taking firm hold of the steering wheel, alone in the car for the first time.” Click Here to read Bonnie Ford’s full article on Stephens victory.