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Xiong, Hannity Take Titles As JMTA Students Shine At Eastern Grand Prix

JMTA students continue to succeed at high-level events, earning two championships, one finalist, five semifinalists and five quarterfinalists at the Eastern Section Grand Prix held all over the section last weekend.

Titles were won by Sabrina Xiong at the Girls 18 in Mountain Lakes, N.J., and MK Hannity at Girls 12 in Alley Pond, N.Y. Xiong trains in Randall’s Island, while Hannity works out of Bethpage.

Sasha Bekirova reached the finals of the Girls 14 in Bogota, N.J., highlighting a weekend in which 39 JMTA boys and girls competed at eight events.

Full results below:

Girls 18 (Mountain Lakes, NJ)
Sabrina Xiong (Randall’s) Tournament Champion!
Christina Puccinelli (Randall’s) Quarterfinals
Nia Rose (Randall’s) Rd of 16; 3 wins in Consolation

Girls 16 (West Caldwell, NJ)
Victoria Sec (Randall’s) Rd of 16; Beat the #3 Seed
Michele Lehat (Bethpage) Main Draw
Gillian Perrotta (Randall’s) Rd of 16
Ashley Lessen (Bethpage) Main Draw
Brianna Williams (Randall’s) Main Draw

Girls 14 (Bogota, NJ)
Sasha Bekirova (Bethpage) Finalist
Michelle Sorokko (Bethpage) 3rd Place
Georgia Ryan (Randall’s) 4 wins in Consolation
Sonia Tartakovsky (Randall’s) Rd of 16
Katelyn Walker  (Randall’s) Main Draw

Girls 12 (Alley Pond, NY)
MK Hannity (Bethpage) Tournament Champion!
Perene Wang (Randall’s) Main Draw
Rebecca Fisch (Randall’s) Main Draw

Boys 18 (Roslyn, NY)
Lubo Cuba (Bethpage) Semifinals
Oliver Sec (Randall’s) Quarterfinals
Felipe Osses-Konig (Randall’s) Rd of 16; 3 wins in Consolation
Maurice Russo (Randall’s) Main Draw
Richard Rangga (Randall’s) Rd of 16

Boys 16 (Tinton Falls, NJ)
Justin Lee (Randall’s) 3rd Place
Patrick Hannity (Bethpage) Main Draw
Gardner Howe (Randall’s) Main Draw
Jake Bhangdia (Lake Isle) Main Draw
Alan Delman (Bethpage) Rd of 16
Aziz Rashidzada (Bethpage) Main Draw

Boys 14 (Roslyn, NY)
Neel Raj (Bethpage) Semifinals
Cannon Kingsley (Bethpage) Quarterfinals; 1 Win in Consolation
Ronald Hohmann (Bethpage) Quarterfinals
Sean Wei (Lake Isle) Rd of 16; 3 Wins in Consolation
Lantis Wang (Randall’s) Rd of 16; 1 Win in Consolation
Luke Smith (Lake Isle) Rd of 16

Boys 12 (Glen Cove, NY)
Noah Edelman (Randall’s) 3rd Place
Max Moadel (Bethpage) Quarterfinals
Evan Lee (Randall’s) Rd of 16; 1 Win in Consolation
Wesley Zhang (Randall’s) Rd of 16
Harry Portnoy (Randall’s) Rd of 16
Oliver Worth (Bethpage) Rd of 16