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Fitness Tip of the Week – The Impact of Court Surface

It’s that time of year where not only are professional tennis players changing court surface – hard to clay, clay to grass and then back to hard, but so are many competitive junior players.  The change of surface can have a huge impact not only on your game, but also on your body. The change and impact can often result in injuries; therefore, it is important to know what you need to look out for when changing court surfaces.

Read below for tips and pointers on how you can prevent injuries when playing on clay or hard court surfaces: 

Clay Court Surface

  • Longer points                                       Increased endurance needed
  • Ball bounces higher                           Avoid overuse of the wrist and elbow
  • Less impact                                          Reduced load through joints
  • More ‘sliding’                                        Increased tendency for groin strains

Top Training Tips

  • Increase endurance training
    • Intervals treadmill/bike/elliptical – 5 x 5 min intervals with 1 minute rests
  • Lateral movement drills
    • Bounds/slides
  • Work on technique to ensure full use of your scapula thoracic rotation (upper back and scapula) to avoid overuse of shoulder, elbow and wrist
    •  Throw medicine ball against a wall

 Hard Court Surface

  • Faster pace                                  Increased anaerobic endurance(sprint training)
  • Rapid change of direction       Increased risk of ankle and knee injury                                              
  • Higher impact                             Increased load on joints

Top Training Tips

  • Interval training 40 seconds high intensity/20 secs rest – 10x 1 min rest – 3 sets
  • On court acceleration/deceleration drills with change of direction – Spider drill
  • Lower limb stability exercises – balance and strength
  • Explosive first step – Plyometric drills into sprints 

Written by Director of Performance, Sophie Scott.

Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott
Director of Performance