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Fitness Tip of the Week – Sophie Scott

JMTA Nutrition and Hydration Tips 

Healthy nutrition and hydration are key components to helping you feel good and play better. It is not always easy to eat and drink well when you are busy and on the go – it is all too easy to slip into bad habits of unhealthy snacks and sodas.

Top Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • Always eat breakfast (oatmeal, low fat cereal, toast, bagel) and don’t skip meals
  • Have a healthy snack before your JMTA session or match
  • Try to eat and drink within 30 minutes of training
  • Stay hydrated by always carrying a water bottle and taking regular sips
  • Sports drinks – if using a sports drink, take a few sips and then top off with water to dilute

Healthy Snacks Options:

  • Cereal bars, low fat muffins, fruit, dried fruit, pretzels, filled wholegrain sandwiches or bagels (lean meat/low fat cream cheese), vegetable sticks and hummus, nuts, fruit yogurts and smoothies 

Post Training Meal:

  • Whole wheat pasta or rice with grilled chicken or fish and vegetables

    Sophie, Scott

    Sophie Scott
    Director of Performance

Sophie is a United Kingdom trained Osteopath and Performance Enhancement Specialist with over 12 years experience working in professional sport.  For the past 5 years, Sophie has worked at the Lawn Tennis Association with top British tennis players, including Andy Murray and junior Wimbledon champion Laura Robson. She has traveled internationally to all the Grand Slams, as well as many of the other major tour events and the Federation Cup. Sophie was instrumental in the design and set up of the musculoskeletal screening programme for all the elite British players at National Tennis Centre in London. Prior to her time with the LTA, Sophie worked as part of the multidisciplinary medical team at Fulham Football club in the UK’s Premier League for 7 years, working with international soccer players including Carlos Bocanegra, Brian McBride, Clint Dempsey and Edwin van der Sar.