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JMTA Tennis Tip of the Week – Fritz Buehning

Fritz Buehning
Fritz Buehning
JMTA Associate Academy Director

JMTA Associate Academy Director Fritz Buehning Stresses the Importance of String Choice

In the Janurary / February 2013 edition of New York Tennis Magazine, JMTA’s own Associate Academy Director Fritz Buehning wrote an article on the importance of string choice for junior players.  In his article, Fritz explains the different types of strings – gut, nylon, polyester, how a player should decide at what tension to string his/her racket, and how string type and tension affect one another.  Every junior player and parent should read Fritz’s article to ensure their child is getting the most out of their string, is using the right string for their age, size, and game, and (most importantly) is not using a string that will cause an injury.  Below is a short excerpt from Fritz’s article:

Let me go on record … I think every package of polyester string needs to come with this warning label due to improper usage by the general public. Is this a pretty bold statement? I believe so. And just why is it a bold statement? In my opinion, the improper use of polyester string is responsible for the bulk of tennis-related arm injuries. And I hear about more arm injuries now than ever before — wrist, shoulder and elbow (tennis elbow and the newer new golfer’s elbow). And since I predominantly work with children, I’m talking about, not just nagging, but potentially long-term serious and damaging injuries to your children…”

To read the full article Click Here.