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Once Again JMTA Students Take 3 Singles Titles at National Level 5 Sectionals

Boys 12 (Oceanside, NY)

Spencer Brachman (Bethpage) won the Singles Title. Lost a total of 8 games all tournament.

Noah Edelman (Randall’s Island) Quarterfinals

Kabir Rajpal (Bethpage) Quarterfinals

JMTA Players making the Round of 16

Oliver Worth (Bethpage)


Boys 14 (Alley Pond, NY)

Cannon Kingsley (Bethpage) Semifinals; 3rd Place

Daniel Pellerito (Bethpage) Quarterfinals

Sean Wei (Lake Isle) Quarterfinals

JMTA Players making the Round of 16

Ronald Hohmann (Bethpage)

Neel Raj (Bethpage)


Boys 16 (Glen Cove, NY)

Felipe Osses-Konig (Randall’s Island) won the Singles Title


Boys 18 (Port Chester, NY)

Richard Sec (Randall’s Island) Semifinals

JMTA Players making the Round of 16

Lucas Pickering (Randall’s Island)


Girls 12 (Hastings on Hudson, NY)

Perene Wang (Randall’s Island) Quarterfinals

MK Hannity (Bethpage) Quarterfinals


Girls 14 (Mattawan, NJ)

Loren Haukova (Randall’s Island) Semifinals (Withdrew due to injury)

JMTA Players making the Round of 16

Chelsea Williams (Randall’s Island)


Girls 16 (Bethpage, NY)

Brianna Williams (Randall’s Island) won the Singles Title

Michelle Sorokko (Bethpage) Semifinals; 3rd Place

Mia Vecchio (Bethpage/Randall’s Island) Quarterfinals

JMTA Players making the Round of 16

Victoria Sec (Randall’s Island)

Alexandra Bekirova (Randall’s Island)

Ekim Buyuk (Lake Isle/ Randall’s Island)


Girls 18 (Mountain Lakes, NJ)

Jessica Golovin (Randall’s Island) Round of 16

JMTA Student’s Tournament Results


Even though Winter Storm Nemo wreaked havoc across the section, it was a small blip for JMTA players.  The Eastern Section suspended play on Friday, but by mid-Saturday – matches were on.  And JMTA players played on.  Over 30 JMTA players from SPORTIME Randall’s Island and JMTA Annex locations – Lake Isle and Bethpage – were playing the +L1 Sectional Qualifiers across 8 divisions.  Congrats to our qualifiers – Jake Bhangdia (B16s) & Josh Williams (B12s) – Lake Isle; Eva Siskova (G18s),  Amber Policare (G18s), Brianna Williams (G16s), Najah Dawson (G12s), & Alex Portnoy (B12s) – Randall’s Island; and Danny Pellerito (B14s) – Bethpage.

In other tournament action – Andrew Zucker, Carolyn Brodsky & Caroline Kantor were Finalists in their events.  Details below.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to send a shout out to all of our JMTA Parents for persevering through the snow and road conditions this past weekend, ensuring the players made their matches in the aftermath of Nemo.  Thank you.

This coming weekend, our qualifiers will be joining the following JMTA players accepted directly into the +L1 Sectional main draws:

B12s – Lantis Wang & Leonte Wilder – Randall’s Island;  Ronald Hohmann, Neel Raj, Benji Grossman, & Kabir Rajpal – Bethpage
G12s – Francesca Karman & Merri Kelli – Bethpage;  Amber O’Dell – Randall’s Island
B14s – Luke Smith, Robby Simon & Sean Wei – Lake Isle;  Alan Delman – Bethpage
G14s – Regina Furer, Loren Haukova & Victoria Sec – Randall’s Island;  Jacqueline Bukzin – Bethpage;  Christina Sisti – Lake Isle
B16s – Lubo Cuba & Felipe Osses-Konig – Bethpage;  Oliver Sec – Randall’s Island
G16s – Jessica Golovin, Ekim Buyuk, Gillian Perrotta, & Christina Puccinelli – Randall’s Island
G18s – Vivian Cheng – Bethpage
Randall’s Mac Invitational – Robbie Werdiger (B12s) & Justin Lee (B14s)

JMTA Randall’s Island players doing well in other tournaments

Finalist – Andrew Zucker – B14s – L1B Bronx – 16 draw
Finalist – Carolyn Brodsky – G12s – L1B Bronx – 8 draw
Finalist – Caroline Kantor(3) – G12s – L2O Glen Head – 16 draw

SF – Antony Jippov – B16s – L1B East Hampton – 16 draw
SF – Serge Ushkevich – B14s – L1B Long Beach – 8 draw

QF – Milan Jain – B12s – L1B Bronx – 16 draw
QF – Ben Kantor – B12s – L2O Glen Head – 32 draw

Please note:  We do our best to post everyone’s results, but with so many players competing each week we may miss a result and apologize for any oversights.  For corrections, you can email – fritz@sportimeny.com.

Fritz Buehning

Fritz Buehning
JMTA Associate Academy Director

How to Enroll in a Tennis Tournament

Matt Trumino
Tournament Director & JMTA Professional

The USTA recommends that kids who want to start playing tennis tournaments should start with Level 3 events. Level 3 tournaments meet once for approximately 2.5 hours and play a round-robin format with no-ad scoring and no changing sides.  The goal of Level 3 events is for kids just starting to play competitively to have fun competing.  By starting with Level 3 events, you can get a feel for whether competitive play is right for you. There are no ranking points accumulated from Level 3 play, and there is no ranking system for L3 competition.

The next step up in sanctioned tournament play is Level 2, or regional level.  There are two types of Level 2 events; L2R (regional) and L2O (open).  L2O events are generally a bit more competitive than L2R events, because L2R tournaments are open to all players in the Section, whereas L2R tournaments are only open to players in their Region or residence.  So, if you live in NYC you are part of the Metro Region and you may compete in any L2R in the five boroughs.  If you try to sign up for an L2R in NJ, you will not be accepted, since you are not a NJ resident.  Level 2 tournaments allow you to earn ranking points with each victory.  They are single elimination events, so once you lose, you go home and practice for your next tournament.  Points accrued in L2 tournaments count towards your regional and sectional rankings.

The highest levels of open competition are Level 1B, Level 1, and Level 1+ tournaments.  These tournament are single elimination events, with points awarded for each win going towards your sectional ranking.  The higher the Level, the more points are earned each round.  If you do well in these L1 events, you can qualify for entry into National events.

You need to be a USTA junior member to sign up for and to compete in USTA tournaments.  All USTA tournaments can be searched by clicking on the link below: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/Schedule/Search.aspx

There are a few pop-ups that you will need to fill out in order to find tournaments near you and the details about them.  Where it says NATIONAL/SECTION/DISTRICT: NYC is in the USTA Eastern Section and in the Metro Region. KEYWORD helps if you are searching for SPORTIME clubs. DIVISION is self explanatory. TYPE OF TOURNAMENT I would leave blank, so that you can see all of the different types and levels of tournaments, i.e. L1 thru L3. SURFACES; should be left blank.

Have fun becoming a tournament player and, of course, don’t hesitate to ask me, or other JMTA coaches, for advice or assistance with you tournament schedule.

JMTA Players Tournament Updates!

Siskova, Bekirova and Clark win Sectional Doubles in G16s, G14s & G12s

Many JMTA players from Randall’s Island and both the Bethpage & Lake Isle’s Annexes were in action last weekend in the Eastern Sectionals.  In singles, Sabrina Xiong (G16s) & Cameron Daniels (B16s) both took 3rd place.  We had 4 winners in the singles consolations- Chelsea Williams (G12s), Amber O’Dell (G14s), Amber Policare (G16s) and Neel Raj (B12s).  In doubles, Mackenzie Clark (G12s), Sasha Bekirova (G14s), and Eva Siskova (G16s) WON their respective events with their partners.  Overall, we had over 30 players in main draw action across 6 divisions!

In other tournament action, JMTA Randall’s Island players – Carolyn Brodsky, Brandon Cohen, Gillian Perrotta, and Serge Ushkevich, all won their events.

Further details and information set forth below.



3rd/SF – B16s – Cameron Daniels
3rd/SF – G16s – Sabrina Xiong

Both Cameron and Sabrina charged through their events to the semis, where both went out to the eventual tournament winner.  In the 3/4 place match – Cameron went on to win in a long 3-set match while Sabrina was the beneficiary of a walkover.

5th/Consolation Winner – B12s – Neel Raj – Bethpage – succumbed to the #1 seed in the main draw quarters; fought his way through the consolations to win the draw.
5th/ Consolation Winner – G16s – Amber Policare(7) – playing up – JMTA Randall’s Island – fought hard but went out 6-7, 4-6 to the #2 seed in the quarters of the main draw; in consolations went through to face the #4 seed in finals – splitting sets and winning 11-9 in the super-tiebreaker.
5th/ Consolation Winner – G14s – Amber O’Dell (Q) – playing up – JMTA Randall’s Island – won a round in the main draw before going out to the #6 seed; fought her way through the consolations to win the back draw.
5th/ Consolation Winner- G12s – Chelsea Williams(4) – JMTA Randall’s Island’s – went out early in the 1st round of the main draw; but charged through to win the consis in relatively easy fashion.

QF – G14s – Jacqui Bukzin – Bethpage – went through easily to the main draw quarters where she lost to the #1 seed; in consolations won a round, then lost to fellow JMTA’er O’Dell in the semifinals.
QF – G14s – Sasha Bekirova(7)playing up – JMTA Randall’s Island – succumbed to the #3 seed in the main draw quarters; then lost to JMTA training partner O’Dell in the consolations
QF – B16s – Felipe Osses-Konig(Q) – JMTA Bethpage – succumbed to fellow JMTA’er and #5 seed Daniels in the quarters; lost in quarterfinals of the consolations
QF – G12s –  Mackenzie Clark(3) – JMTA Lake Isle – succumbed to #7 seed in a long 3 set match.

Of Note:
B14s – Alan Delman – JMTA Bethpage – won a round in the main draw before going out to the #7 seed; fought through the consolations where he lost a heart-breaker in the semifinals supertiebreker,-11.
G16s – Elizabeth Tsvetkov(8) – JMTA Randall’s Island- won a round in the main draw; in consolations went through to the quarters.
G16s – Eva Siskova(1) – JMTA Randall’s Island – won a round in the main draw; in consolations went through to quarterfinals where she lost to fellow JMTA player Tsvetkov
G16s – Brianna Williams(Q) – playing up – JMTA Randall’s Island – won a round in the main draw; in consolations went through to quarterfinals where she succumbed to the #4 seed 6-7, 5-7

JMTA players who also competed in the Sectional Singles Main Draws:

B16s – Lubo Cuba & Justin Park – Bethpage
B14s – Sean Patrick Hannity – Bethpage, Sean Wei – playing up & Robby Simon – Lake Isle
B12s – Kabir Rajpal & Benji Grossman – Bethpage; Russell Scharf – Lake Isles; Alfi von Auersperg, Alex Portnoy, & Harry Portnoy – Randall’s Island;  Middle States Section – Daniel Mikaul – Randall’s Island

G16s – Christina Puccinelli – Randall’s Island & Christina Sisti Lake Isle
G14s – Courtney Kowalsky – Bethpage
G12s – Merri Kelly, Francesca Karman, & Amy Delman – Bethpage; Najah Dawson – Randall’s Island
G14s – Jennifer Yu – Randall’s Island Invitational
B12s – Robbie Werdiger – Randall’s Island Invitational

WINNER – G14s – JMTA Randall’s Island Sasha Bekirova with her partner Anna Brylin
WINNER – G12sMackenzie Clark – JMTA Lake Isle with partner Andrea Cerdan
WINNERG16s – Eva Siskova – JMTA Randall’s Island newcomer with partner Bridget Harding

Finalist – B14s – Sean Patrick Hannity – Bethpage with partner RJ Freisen
Finalist – B16s – Cameron Daniels from Bethpage with his partner Chris Auteri

SF – B12s – Benji Grossman – Bethpage with partner Patrick Sebastian
SF – B12s – Neel Raj – Bethpage with partner Ronan Jachuck
SF – G16s – Christina Sisti – Lake Isle with partner Taylor Cosme

QF – B16s – Lubo Cuba – Bethpage with partner Edan Sossen
QF – G12s – Diana McCready – Randall’s Island with partner Christina Huynh
QF – G12s – Najah Dawson – Randall’s Island with partner Marie Ivantechenko
QF – G16s – Elizabeth Tsvetkov – Randall’s Island with partner Madison Battaglia
QF – B12s – Kabir Rajpal – Bethpage with partner Jack Flores
QF – B14s – Alan Delman – Bethpage with partner Calvin Chung
QF – B14s – Sean Wei – Lake Isle with partner Tomas Kopczynski

Winner – Brandon Cohen(2)
– L1B East Hampton, NY – B12s – 8 draw
Winner – Carolyn Brodsky
– L1B East Hampton, NY – G12s – 4 draw
Winner – Gillian Perrotta
– L1B Fresh Meadows – G18s – 16 draw
Winner – Serge Ushkevich(1)
– L2O Long Beach – B14s – 4 draw

Finalist – Rebecca Fisch – L1B Fresh Meadows, NY – G12s – 16 draw
Finalist – Julia Zbarsky(1) – L1B East Hampton, NY – G16s – 4 draw
Finalist – Elizabeth Schlossel(1) – L2O Randalls – G12s – 8 draw

SF – Alyssa An – L2O Randalls – G12s – 8 draw

QF – Ben Kantor(2) – L1B Bronx, NY – B10s Green Ball – 32 draw
QF – Charlie Levinson(5) – L1B Fresh Meadows, NY – B12s – 32 draw
QF – Sid Chawla – L2O Bogota, NJ – B12s – 32 draw

JMTA Randall’s Island Invitational Players doing well –
SF – Farris Nathoo – L1B Lake Isles – B16s – 32 draw
SF – Lorraine Bergmann(4) – L1B Fresh Meadows, NY – G12s – 16 draw 

Fritz Buehning

Fritz Buehning
JMTA Associate Academy Director

A big WELL DONE to all our players!
Please note:  We do our best to post everyone’s results, but with so many players competing each week we may miss a result and apologize for any oversights.  For corrections, you can email – fritz@sportimeny.com.