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Junior Tennis @ Amagansett

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SPORTIME offers the finest tennis programming for young players, supervised by a world-class staff of experienced tennis coaches, all at the largest, most beautiful facility in the Hamptons. Our summer programs challenge and progress our students, while enhancing their fitness and confidence and providing positive social interaction. Check out SPORTIME’s unique, cutting-edge junior tennis programs - and sign up now!

Program Spring SPORTIME/JMTA U10

MAC Red Introduces tennis to our youngest players using larger, low-compression red balls and kid-sized courts, nets and equipment. MAC Red ball students learn technical and tactical basics, and begin to play the game from their first days on the court. Sign up by April 15th for a 10% discount. 

Spring JMTA Orange, Green & Yellow Ball
Program Spring JMTA Orange, Green & Yellow Ball

Designed for committed young players who are training with low-compression orange, low-compression green or standard yellow balls. Our 2-hour curriculum features a combination of drills, live-ball games, point play and more. 

SPORTIME/JMTA U10 Programs - Ages 3-10
Program SPORTIME/JMTA U10 Programs - Ages 3-10

SPORTIME’S U10 Mac Red and Mac Orange programs guide our youngest, newest players through clearly defined stages of development that follow a progression of court sizes, ball types (red and orange) and net heights, making it possible for kids to actually play tennis from the moment they step on the court. SPORTIME U10 Tennis combines the best principles of child learning with world-class tennis instruction to create a truly innovative and engaging program. Our “gamification” approach, that allows players to go on missions, acquire skills, collect points and achieve mile-stones, is a part of SPORTIME’s fun and challenging environment, where our kids are encouraged to take risks, to use their intellect and to find solutions. If you think all U10 programs are alike, they are not. Get your child into the game at SPORTIME!  

Junior Tennis Kinetics - Ages 10+ (or players who have progressed to green or yellow ball)
Program Junior Tennis Kinetics - Ages 10+  (or players who have progressed to green or yellow ball)

JTK, SPORTIME’S well-established instructional and recreational junior tennis clinic, has been revamped for the 2021 season and focuses on students who have progressed to playing with either low-compression green or standard yellow balls. JTK aims to develop the whole player – physically, mentally, tactically and technically – and encourages students to master key fundamentals, including movement, balance, agility and rally skills, which provide the foundation for them to become complete players. 

SPORTIME’S coaching philosophy is designed to help our students learn how to play the game (the tactical) and to give them the means to execute those tactics (the technical). Our tactical games are designed so that students get to perfect and practice winning tactics in “live ball” point situations in each session. Keep your child progressing and loving the game at SPORTIME! 

Junior Private and Semi-Private Lessons
Program Junior Private and Semi-Private Lessons Junior Members may learn and improve in a completely individualized setting with private and semi-private lessons. SPORTIME pros who are certified for private instruction are trained to customize a teaching strategy and program based on a junior member's unique needs. Semi-private lesson participants must sign up with a partner.

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