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One Randall's Island, New York, NY 10035

John McEnroe Tennis Academy for Ages 9-17

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The JMTA is named one of the top tennis academies in the country by Forbes Magazine!  Our program is the New York region’s #1 program for developing nationally and internationally competitive juniors. Conceived, developed and directed by John McEnroe and his world-class staff, JMTA boasts players that have won titles at sectional, national, intercollegiate and international levels. Every JMTA session features positive, encouraging coaching in a fast-paced, competitive environment.
Group fitness training sessions are vision performance and mental toughness seminars are part of the JMTA curriculum but one-on-one training is available.  The JMTA Pathway is offered locations in NYC, Long Island and Westchester.  
 A minimum Junior Tennis & Sport Membership is required to participate.

JMTA Green & Yellow Ball Tennis
Program JMTA Green & Yellow Ball Tennis Conceived, developed and directed by John McEnroe and his world-class staff, including JMTA’s Co-Directors, Lawrence Kleger and Patrick McEnroe, this program is designed for players competing in or striving to compete in sectional, national and ITF tournaments, and those interested in playing high-school tennis, college tennis and beyond. Players, at any level, who simply want to be the best they can be, are also welcome!

2023-2024 Membership & Junior Program Application

Athletic Performance Training
Program Athletic Performance Training The John McEnroe Tennis Academy provide a unique Athletic Development model for adult and junior players that encompasses all elements of strength and conditioning, sports science and sports medicine, and nutrition and hydration to deliver a personalized program to meet each adult or junior player’s individual goals--from the professional athlete to the JMTA student just beginning tournament play, to the de-conditioned adult. Group sessions are included in the JMTA curriculum.

Mental Toughness Training
Program Mental Toughness Training


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