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Social Pickleball Programs

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SPORTIME Pickleball offers social programs for all ages and skill levels! It's a great way to engage with the pickleball community, meet new players, and enjoy the highly social aspect of the game. Sessions are organized by level to ensure that players can always enjoy competitive game play. Social programs foster an inclusive and supportive environment which has greatly contributed to the popularity of the game.

Open Play
Program Open Play

At SPORTIME, we understand the value of open play sessions in fostering skill development and social connections within the pickleball community. Our level-based open play sessions provide players with the opportunity to engage in matches at their skill level while also making new friends along the way. With rotating partners, these sessions create a fun and inclusive environment for players of all levels. Clear rules are posted to ensure smooth court and partner rotations. Please check the open play schedules at your nearest SPORTIME location to join in on the excitement.

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Pickleball Program Schedule WInter Spring 2023-2024

Pickleball Parties
Program Pickleball Parties

Experience the ultimate pickleball celebration at SPORTIME's special Pickleball-themed parties! Join us for a fantastic time filled with vibrant music, refreshing beverages, and, of course, an abundance of pickleball action. It's the perfect opportunity to forge new friendships while indulging in your passion for the game. If you're considering hosting your own event, reach out to us for rental opportunities that will make your pickleball gathering unforgettable.

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