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Tennis Programs for Players 9-17

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Designed for both recreational and competitive junior players at SPORTIME sites where the John McEnroe Tennis Academy is not offered. The EXCEL green and the yellow ball program is designed for players competing in or striving to compete in sanctioned USTA tournaments, and those interested in playing high-school tennis, college tennis and/or simply being the best player that they can be!
A minimum Junior Tennis & Sport Membership is required to participate. 

EXCEL Green Ball Programs
Program EXCEL Green Ball Programs
EXCEL Green players transition from the Orange Court, and/or have the necessary strength, stature and skill to handle the full-sized 78’ court, playing mostly with the USTA and ITF regulation green ball, and are challenged to adapt to the larger court space and to the faster and higher bouncing ball. 
EXCEL Green players focus on tactical training, which is a signature of all SPORTIME programs. Players start or continue to train in a variety of “live ball” situations to help them learn to make good decisions both when attacking and defending. Technical refinements are ongoing, as players develop more strength and coordination and acquire more skills.  SPORTIME’s expert coaches are focused on preparing players for their involvement in USTA sanctioned tournaments and for their participation in SPORTIME World Tour events. 

2023-2024 Session

EXCEL Yellow Ball Programs
Program EXCEL Yellow Ball Programs
EXCEL Yellow is SPORTIME’s program for the student dedicated to becoming the best player that he/she can be. At this stage of development, technical, tactical, emotional and physical skills are all essential to developing a skilled and confident player. EXCEL coaches are well-trained to adjust lessons and program emphases to meet the needs of each and every player. Their experience, advanced teaching skills and extensive knowledge in all areas of coaching ensure the success of our players.
Players in EXCEL Yellow are placed in appropriate group sessions based on playing level, age and stage of development. Sessions are predominantly “live ball,” but we also use advanced drills when necessary and appropriate. SPORTIME’s signature tactical games challenge each student’s ability to formulate, plan and execute his/her own winning tactics and strategies. Our coaches focus on teaching students these “X’s and O’s” of how to construct points, while providing the technical corrections to help students execute their tactical plans. In EXCEL, we do not want to develop players who just have “pretty strokes” but cannot win matches. Our goal is to develop players who know how to compete and to win.

2023-2024 Session

Jr Private and Semi-Private Lessons for all Ages and Levels
Program Jr Private and Semi-Private Lessons for all Ages and Levels

Junior Members may learn and improve in a completely individualized setting with private and semi-private lessons. SPORTIME pros who are certified for private instruction are trained to customize a teaching strategy and program based on a junior member's unique needs. Semi-private lesson participants must sign up with a partner. Please call for rates and availability.

2023-2024 Session

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