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4105 Hempstead Tpke, Bethpage, NY 11714


Joe Siegel
Executive Director

Joe oversees all aspects of the VBC program.  He has over 25 years experience coaching at the junior club, high school and college levels. He holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education.

Jose Brito
General Manager / Volleyball Director

Jose is an accomplished player with coaching experience at the high school, club and college levels. He is the former assistant women's coach at L.I.U. Post. He holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education.  He is the General Manager of the Sportime Bethpage Multi-Sport facility and oversees all VBC player/parent financial accounts.

Chris Husmann
VBC Boys Director

Chris Husmann is an accomplished player with coaching experience at the club and college levels. Chris played at New Paltz where he won a National Championship and was a two time All American.  He now serves as the Technical Director of our VBC Boys program as well as our College Recruiting Advisor.

Nick Smith
Volleyball Director

Nick is an accomplished player, both indoors and on the beach. Nick is the former assistant women's coach of Iona College.  He now serves as our VBC Beach Director and indoor technical director.

Terence Crossan
Athletic Performance Director

Terence is licensed Physical Therapist as well as an accomplished player and coach.  He will be developing and overseeing all aspects of our VBC Athletic Performance Program.

Alyssa Giuffrida
Travel Coordinator

Coach Alyssa provides support to parents regarding their GEVA/SportsEngine memberships, registers our VBC teams for travel tournaments and secures hotel accommodations for players, coaches and parents.

Allen Liu
Head Coach 18 Gold / Asst. Coach Boys 15-1
Kassie Akouri
Assistant Coach 18 Gold
Amanda Gannon
Head Coach 18 Black
Devon Hagerstrom
Assistant Coach 18 Black
Kevin Colucci
Head Coach 17 Gold
Jose Brito
Assistant Coach 17 Gold
Pete Okulski
Head Coach 17 Black
Barbara Wright
Head Coach 17 White
Rachel McCartin
Assistant Coach 17 White
Ksenia Brito
Head Coach 16 Gold
Danielle Valenza
Assistant Coach 16 Gold
Lou Sepulveda
Head Coach 16 Black
Sarah Henry
Assistant Coach 16 Black / 14 White
Toni Lipolt
Head Coach 16 White & Future Stars
KL Zinnel
Assistant Coach 16 White
Ian Caldwell
Head Coach 16 Red & 16 Pink
Terence Crossan
Head Coach 15 Gold
Sam Columbo
Assistant Coach 15 Gold
Taqiyya Averheart
Head Coach 15 Black / 13 Black
Pat Kehoe
Assistant Coach 15 White
Lauren Kehoe
Assistant Coach 15 White
Abby Eckhardt
Head Coach 15 Silver / Asst. Coach 15 Black
Alexandra Lackner
Assistant Coach 15 Silver
Tim Keuning
Head Coach 14 Gold
Jamie Yonker
Assistant Coach 14 Gold
Elizabeth Nugent
Head Coach 14 Black
Allie Ahearne
Assistant Coach 14 Black
Heather Glick
Head Coach 14 White
Beth Parisi
Head Coach 13 Gold
Larry Rosenzweig
Assistant Coach 13 Gold
Amanda Costales
Head Coach 12 Gold
Danielle DiSimone
12 Gold Assistant Coach
Matt Cole
Head Coach Boys 18-1
Nick O'Malley
Head Coach Boys 18-2
Lamar Dorsecia
Assistant Coach 18-2
Nick Breslin
Head Coach Boys 17-1
Anson Webb
Assistant Coach Boys 17-1 / 14-1
Nick Smith
Head Coach 16-1 Boys
Matt McKee
Assistant Coach Boys 16-1
Steve Lopez
Head Coach Boys 16-2
Will Flohr
Assistant Coach Boys 16-2
Noah Smitelli
Head Coach 16-3 Boys
Sonny Sandeep
Assistant Coach Boys 16-3
Dylan Rabidoux
Head Coach Boys 16-4
Dionisios Katehis
Assistant Coach Boys 16-4
Connor MacPhail
Head Coach Boys 15-1
Matt Amberge
Head Coach Boys 15-2 / 13 Black
Jake Suffa
Assistant Coach Boys 15-2
Matt Gassert
Head Coach Boy's 14-1 / Asst. Coach 18-1
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