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Joe Siegel
Joe Siegel
Executive Director

Joe started the club in 2010 and he still oversees all aspects of the VBC program.  He holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education and has over 30 years of experience coaching at the junior club, high school and college levels. 
Contact Joe with questions about the following:
  • VBC Tryouts
  • VBC Programs
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • General Club Questions

Jose Brito
Jose Brito
Club Director / General Manager

Jose is an accomplished player with coaching experience at the high school, club, and college levels. He is the former assistant women's coach at LIU Post.
Contact Jose with questions about the following:
  • VBC Tryouts
  • Bethpage Multi-Sport Facility
  • Member Accounts
  • Rentals
  • Junior Volleyball League
  • Adult Volleyball League

Chris Husmann
Chris Husmann
Club Director / VBC Boys Director / College Recruiting Advisor

Chris played collegiate volleyball at SUNY New Paltz, where he won a National Championship and was a two-time All-American. He currently plays in the Volleyball League of America. 
Contact Chris with questions about the following:
  • VBC Tryouts
  • VBC Boys' Training
  • VBC Indoor Clinics
  • VBC Grass Club
  • College Recruiting
  • Booking Private Lessons

Nick Smith
Nick Smith
Club Director / VBC Girls Director / VBC Beach Director

Nick played collegiate volleyball at CUNY Baruch College, where he lead the team to the Final Four as a decorated outside hitter/libero. Nick is also an accomplished beach volleyball player, competing in some of the largest beach volleyball tournaments on the East Coast. He is currently the Long Beach Varsity Boys’ Volleyball Head Coach.

Contact Nick with questions about the following:
  • VBC Tryouts
  • VBC Girls' Training
  • VBC Camps
  • VBC Beach Club
  • VBC Beach Clinics

Alyssa Giuffrida
Alyssa Giuffrida
VBC Admin / Travel Director / SportsEngine Extraordinaire

Alyssa played collegiate volleyball at LIU Post, where she helped lead the team to the Final Four. She has experience coaching both girls and boys at all levels of volleyball.
Contact Alyssa with questions about the following:
  • VBC Tryouts
  • SportsEngine (GEVA/USAV memberships)
  • MyMail email app set-up
  • VBC Travel (hotel accommodations, team representatives, spectator tickets)
  • General Club Questions

Allen Liu
Head Coach 18 Gold
Kassie Akouri
Asst. Coach 18 Gold
Courtney Bernstein
Head Coach 18 Black
Brendan Gilroy
Asst. Coach 18 Black
Kevin Colucci
Head Coach 17 Gold
Jose Brito
Asst. Coach 17 Gold
Pete Okulski
Head Coach 17 Black
Samantha Collins
Asst. Coach 17 Black
Zachary Cohen
Head Coach 17 White
Rachel Breslow
Asst. Coach 17 White
Ian Caldwell
Head Coach 17 Red
Matthew Zukowski
Asst. Coach 17 Red
Ksenia Brito
Head Coach 16 Gold
Danielle Valenza
Asst. Coach 16 Gold
Barbara Wright
Head Coach 16 Black
Debbie Boudouris
Asst. Coach 16 Black
Sarah Henry
Head Coach 16 White
KL Zinnel
Asst. Coach 16 White
Matthew Zukowski
Head Coach 16 Red
Ian Caldwell
Asst. Coach 16 Red
Toni Lipolt
Head Coach 16 Silver
Tina Ceriello
Asst. Coach 16 Silver
Tim Keuning
Head Coach 15 Gold
Jamie Yonker
Asst. Coach 15 Gold
Abby Eckhardt
Head Coach 15 Black
John Farina
Asst. Coach 15 Black
Daniel Ryu
Head Coach 15 White
Bridgette Moran
Asst. Coach 15 White
Mikayla Porr
Head Coach 14 Gold
Sam Columbo
Asst. Coach 14 Gold
Liz Nugent
Head Coach 14 Black
Allie Lackner
Asst. Coach 14 Black
KL Zinnel
Head Coach 14 White
Samantha Vitale
Asst. Coach 14 White
Beth Parisi
Head Coach 13 Gold
Larry Rosenzweig
Asst. Coach 13 Gold
Kat Verastegui
Head Coach 13 Black
Colleen Moulder
Asst. Coach 13 Black
Ian Caldwell
Head Coach 13 White
Danielle DiSimone
Head Coach 12 Gold
Kerri Neville
Asst. Coach 12 Gold
Ian Caldwell
Head Coach 12 Black
Ryan Cole
Head Coach Boys 18-1
Connor MacPhail
Asst. Coach Boys 18-1
Connor MacPhail
Head Coach Boys 18-2
Tommy Borfitz
Asst. Coach Boys 18-2
Sarah Henry
Head Coach Boys 18-3 Lynbrook
Elliot Aramayo
Asst. Coach Boys 18-3 Lynbrook
Jake Roessler
Head Coach Boys 17-1
Matt Gassert
Asst. Coach Boys 17-1
Will Flohr
Head Coach Boys 17-2
Anson Webb
Asst. Coach Boys 17-2
Nick O'Malley
Head Coach Boys 17-3
Lamar Dorsecia
Asst. Coach Boys 1115
Steve Lopez
Head Coach Boys 16-1
Matt Amberge
Asst. Coach Boys 16-1
Noah Smitelli
Head Coach Boys 16-2
Sunny Sachdev
Asst. Coach Boys 16-2
Dionisios Katehis
Head Coach Boys 16-3
Steve Lopez
Asst. Coach Boys 16-3
Sunny Sachdev
Head Coach Boys 16-4 Lynbrook
Alex Kimak
Asst. Coach Boys 16-4 Lynbrook
Dylan Rabidoux
Head Coach Boys 15-1
Allen Liu
Asst. Coach Boys 15-1
Cristian Velasco
Head Coach Boys 15-2
Samuel Wang
Asst. Coach Boys 15-2
Dom DellaMarco
Head Coach Boys 15-3
Andy Anderson
Asst. Coach Boys 15-3
Dionisios Katehis
Head Coach Boys 15-4
Alex Kimak
Asst. Coach Boys 15-4
Anson Webb
Head Coach Boys 14-1
Dylan Sellitti
Asst. Coach Boys 14-1
Sunny Sachdev
Head Coach Boys 14-2
Jake Del Rosario
Asst. Coach Boys 14-2
Elliot Aramayo
Head Coach Boys 14-3
Tommy Borfitz
Asst. Coach Boys 14-3

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