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14 JMTA students qualify for National Opens

The National Opens were held across the country this past weekend and 14 JMTA students qualified for these prestigious tournaments.  National Open tournaments are Level 2 nationals and second only to National Championships in level of importance.  Only the top 128 players applying in each age group are accepted. 

Congratulations to all JMTA players!

B12 Owings, MD

  • Ronan Jachuck, Albany, NY- reached semifinals in singles and quarterfinals in doubles
  • Ronnie Hohmann, Oyster Bay, NY- reached semifinals in singles and quarterfinals in doubles
  • Neel Raj,Oyster Bay, NY- reached quarterfinals in singles and doubles

B16 Surprize, AZ

  • Oliver Sec, New York, NY- reached round of 16 in singles, and won 2 consolation matches; Reached FINALS in doubles, which was not played when his partner was unable to play

B18 Midland, TX

  • Sasha Lebedev, Island Park, NY- reached quarterfinals in singles, losing to #1 seed; and won 1 round in consolation

B12 Peachtree, Ga

  • Spencer Brachman, Commack, NY- reached Round of 16 in singles, losing to #1 seed; reached quarterfinals in doubles, also losing to the #1 seeds

G14 College Park, MD

  • Loren Haukova, Elmsford, NY- reached quarterfinals in singles and doubles
  • Christina Sisti, Mount Vernon, NY- reached quarterfinals in singles and doubles
  • Patrick Hannity, Oyster Bay, NY- reached round of 16 in singles

G18 Midland, TX

  • Eva Siskova, Cornwall on Hudson, NY- reached round of 16 in singles, beating the #8 seed on the way

B16 Marietta, GA

  • Justin Lee, Cos Cob, CT- reached round of 16 in singles, beating the #6 seed on the way

Others who qualified: 

  • Merri Kelly Hannity, Oyster Bay, NY G12 Springfield, MO
  • Mackenzie Clark, Bernardsville, NJ G14 College Park, MD
  • Daniel Pellerito, Syosset, NY B14 College Park, MD

 Written by Lawrence Kleger.

Lawrence Kleger

Lawrence Kleger
JMTA Academy Director


Fitness Tip of the Week – The Impact of Court Surface

It’s that time of year where not only are professional tennis players changing court surface – hard to clay, clay to grass and then back to hard, but so are many competitive junior players.  The change of surface can have a huge impact not only on your game, but also on your body. The change and impact can often result in injuries; therefore, it is important to know what you need to look out for when changing court surfaces.

Read below for tips and pointers on how you can prevent injuries when playing on clay or hard court surfaces: 

Clay Court Surface

  • Longer points                                       Increased endurance needed
  • Ball bounces higher                           Avoid overuse of the wrist and elbow
  • Less impact                                          Reduced load through joints
  • More ‘sliding’                                        Increased tendency for groin strains

Top Training Tips

  • Increase endurance training
    • Intervals treadmill/bike/elliptical – 5 x 5 min intervals with 1 minute rests
  • Lateral movement drills
    • Bounds/slides
  • Work on technique to ensure full use of your scapula thoracic rotation (upper back and scapula) to avoid overuse of shoulder, elbow and wrist
    •  Throw medicine ball against a wall

 Hard Court Surface

  • Faster pace                                  Increased anaerobic endurance(sprint training)
  • Rapid change of direction       Increased risk of ankle and knee injury                                              
  • Higher impact                             Increased load on joints

Top Training Tips

  • Interval training 40 seconds high intensity/20 secs rest – 10x 1 min rest – 3 sets
  • On court acceleration/deceleration drills with change of direction – Spider drill
  • Lower limb stability exercises – balance and strength
  • Explosive first step – Plyometric drills into sprints 

Written by Director of Performance, Sophie Scott.

Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott
Director of Performance

Featured JMTA Player – Eva Siskova

Eva Siskova

JMTA Student – Eva Siskova

Interview with JMTA Student

Q.  Who is your tennis idol? Why?

A. “Andre Agassi has been an inspiration to me because of his great work ethic and dedication to overcome challenges he faced during his career. Because of his ambition, I have learned to push myself harder in tennis practice and playing matches.  I also admire Dominika Cibulkova, a Slovak like me, because of her fierce attitude and desire for the game has helped develop a more intense style of play.”

Q.  Describe your greatest tennis victory.

A. “My greatest victory thus far was when I won in three tough sets in the National Semi-Final against a really strong player, it was at least three hours long, not to mention I was down a set and a break and then came back and won 7-5 in the third set. This match showed me that despite the score I should never give up because anything is possible.”

Q.  Describe your greatest tennis loss and how you overcame that loss.

A.“My most recent tennis struggle was at the 2013 Easter Bowl in Palm Springs, CA. During my second back draw match, I faced one of the closest matches I’ve ever played. I never had a match point, but I was always in the lead. Despite my loss, I fought to the very end and gave it my all hoping not to hand the match over to my opponent. I came away from this loss knowing I could play at a higher level and that I had not reached my potential. This match gave me the courage to push myself harder and play with more confidence. Two weeks later, I swept through 5 matches that led me to the 18s Sectional final, which led to a 3 hour match, soon to be victory. My loss from Easter Bowl encouraged my behavior on the court during my Sectional Tournament.” 

Q.  You are expected to play your first ITF tournament in June, how have you been preparing and what are you most looking forward to?

A.“First of all, I am very excited to play my very first ITF tournament because I will have the opportunity to play against players from all around the world and get to play on grass, which I have never played on grass before. I’ve begun to incorporate a more intense physical exercise routine and have changed my diet by cutting out sugar and eating more natural foods in order for me to meet my physical goals. As far as my tennis training goes, I’ve been focusing more on match strategy along with shot selection and trying to improve my serve.”

JMTA Featured Pro – Hana Sromova

Hana Sromova

Hana Sromova
JMTA Touring Professional

Hana, a native of CzechRepublic, was a top ranked junior tennis player in her home country, and competed globally on the ITF circuit. She turned pro in 1997, and earned 8 ITF singles titles and 35 doubles titles. In 2006, Hana reached her career high WTA rankings of #87 in the world in singles and #63 in doubles. Hana competed in the U.S. Open in 2006 and 2008, reached the second round of the French Open and Australian Open in 2006 and the second round at Wimbledon in 2007. Hana was a member of the NY Sportimes World TeamTennis franchise in 2007 and 2008. After retiring from the professional circuit in 2008, Hana joined Sportime as a teaching professional and the Co-General Manager of Sportime Amagansett. Hana moved to Sportime Randall’s Island and JMTA on a full-time basis in 2012.