Featured JMTA Junior – Amber Policare

Interview with Featured JMTA Junior – Amber Policare

Amber arrived at JMTA from South Florida in the summer of 2010 and has been one of our brightest stars.  2012 was a terrific year for Amber.  In addition to making major improvements in her game, she either won or made it to the finals in five National Level tournaments.  And with Amber’s great work-ethic and competitiveness, all indications point toward an even better 2013.

Amber Policare
Residence: New York

  1. Who is your tennis idol? Why?
    • My tennis idol is John McEnroe.  My father grew up watching John and through him I learned to love the game and wanted to be as good as him!
  2. Describe your greatest tennis victory.
    • A couple months ago I won the 16s Sectional in New Jersey.  That was the first 16s sectional I have ever played so it was nice to come away with a win!
  3. Describe your greatest tennis loss and how you overcame that loss.
    • When I was 12 I played a national tournament and my 3rd round match was against a pusher.  I crushed her in the 1st set 6-0, but the second set I lost 6-7 in a tiebreak. The third set went to a tiebreaker which I lost 17-19 to lose the match.  I was so mad and upset with myself for letting the match slip away!  I overcame the loss by learning from it and working harder on taking my time and not losing my focus.  This match taught me that the mental game is a very important factor.
  4. What part of your game needs the most improvement and how do you plan on making that happen?
    • One part of my game I am really trying to improve is my variety.  I tend to hit similar shots that fail to throw my opponent off guard.  I need to mix up my shots more and keep my opponent guessing.
  5. Please briefly describe your weekly tennis and academic schedule. How do you balance such a demanding tennis schedule with your academic commitments?
    • I try and split my time between tennis and academic s equally.  I do about 20 hours per week of each.  While tennis is a very important part of my life, I understand that academics are more important, so I try my best to balance them out.

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