Heading to the US Open; JMTAers Noah Rubin and Jamie Loeb sit down for a brief interview before their next major tournament

JMTA's Noah Rubin and Jamie Loeb

JMTA’s Noah Rubin and Jamie Loeb

Interview with JMTA’s Noah Rubin:

How would you rate your performance in Kalamazoo, MI? – It was ok overall, but not what I was expecting and not what I was hoping for. I’d give it 7 out of 10.

What stood out in your game? – I competed really hard. My mental game was really good, but it didn’t carry through the whole time. I lost in the semi finals to Jared Donaldson, from Rhode Island. I’ve traveled with him before, but that was our first time playing each other.

Your next tournament is the US Open, what are you doing to prepare for that? – We’re watching a lot of video on Djokovic and seeing the difference between me and him. We’re seeing how I can get better over all: working on serves, first serves percentage, and over all style. These guys are bigger. It’s going to be a good experience. I’m not too nervous. I do have a lot of people that are showing up and so does Jamie [Loeb]. I’m sure it’s going to add a little nervousness.

Do you have plans on going to college? – That’s up in the air whether I’m going to pro or college. I’m leaning more towards pro right now, but college is an option. There are ups and downs doing both. You’re risking everything no matter what. I have a few months to decide and we’ll see how it goes. I want to see where I stand on the pro level.

What advice are you receiving from your JMTA Coach, Lawrence Kleger?– We’re trying to get my best game and my highest level to appear more often. Pro tennis players don’t really have bad days and even when they do you don’t notice them. That’s where I’m trying to get to. I want to have a good end of the year. That’s all I want.


Interview with JMTA’s Jamie Loeb:

How would you rate your performance in San Diego, CA? – I give myself 8 out of 10. I think I played well for the most part, but I still feel like on key opportunities I didn’t play my best in all my matches.

Would you consider your performance a success? – Personally, I don’t think so because I went in there wanting to win like every tournament. Obviously I wanted to do better but I lost to a good player. I also beat some good players so I’m not too disappointed.

Is there anything that stood out in your game during this tournament? – I think in this tournament I was more aggressive in terms of coming to net and moving forward compared to others. I do feel my serve let me down at times, my first serve especially. I think I was coming to the net much better than before and tactically playing a little smarter.

We know your next major tournament is the US Open. What are you and your JMTA Coach, Felix Alvarado, doing to prepare for that? – Working on my serve a lot, using my legs more, my toss, high first serve percentage… not going for it as much, using more spin, and working on my forehand on the run especially. Other than that, just keep playing how I’ve been playing.

You’re headed off to college in a few weeks, what advice is Felix giving you? – He told me to have fun, it’s a good experience, and to take it year by year to see what I want to do. I don’t have to rush into things. I do have mixed feelings about it, but he thinks it’s the right thing for me and he’s also excited for me to go too.

What are your plans post college? – I want to turn professional. I don’t know when, but that’s my ultimate goal. College will be a good stepping stone towards becoming a pro.