Featured JMTA Student of the Week – Jessica Golovin

Jessica Golovin

Jessica Golovin
JMTA Student

Interview with JMTA Student – Jessica Golovin

When Jessica Golovin was just a little girl, she saw professional tennis on ESPN and asked her parents if she could play. Her dream was consistent with her father’s, who said he always wanted his daughter to take up tennis. While still in his native Moscow, Mikhail Golovin traveled for the national biathlon team as a manager, and the excitement of being around competitive sports never left him. Today, he hopes Jessica will continue to enjoy tennis and do well in the sport. “The ultimate dream for any player, of course, is to win a Grand Slam,” he said.

Q.  Who is your tennis idol? Why?

A. “I have always admired Kim Clijsters for her ambitious attitude and work ethic. Maria Sharapova has also been my idol since I started playing tennis as a young girl. Sharapova has inspired me try harder and never give up despite the difficulties I face on the court.” 

Q.  Describe your greatest tennis victory.

A. “In 2012, I reached the semifinals of the Easter Bowl International Tournament where I faced some of the top girls in the nation. The Easter Bowl Tournament accelerated my tennis career by instilling confidence that has carried me through to this day.”

Q.  Describe your greatest tennis loss and how you overcame that loss.

A.  “It was my very first Grade-4 ITF tournament in Florida, where I reached the quarterfinals in singles and the finals in doubles. Despite losing in the quarters, my singles match convinced me that I could compete with tougher opponents at a much higher level. I also learned that when competing with stronger opponents, I need to stay tough mentally and tough physically along with keeping the ball deep and dictating the next point.”

Q.  You are just back from on a one-month break from tennis due to a wrist injury, how do you feel?

A.  “Coming back from an injury, you never know how you’re going to play. Of course you’re nervous, but for me, the first few days coming back was a little rough. After two weeks of practice, I feel I’ve returned to the game stronger than ever.”

Q.  What does your tournament schedule look like for the next 2 months?

A. “My first tournament of the year will be a sectional in New Jersey and then I will play a National Open in Florida at the end of February. My big highlight for the year so far, will be an ITF in Panama City at the beginning of March. I’m very excited to visit Central America and also experience my tenth ITF competition.”

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