SPORTIME Schenectady Camp Guidelines

SPORTIME’s commitment to creating a happy and safe environment for your children has guided our work for more than 20 years. Our camp has been a place where every child can have fun, make friends and create lifelong memories. 

In the context of COVID-19, our focus remains the health and wellbeing of our campers, our camp families and our staff. Summer 2020 camp was different from past years; it had to be. But we were able to provide our campers with an amazing camp experience that dramatically minimized risk, while maximizing fun and friendship. Below are the guidelines SPORTIME followed during the summer of  2020, without a single covid related incident! For summer 2021, these guidelines may change, based upon state and local government mandates, or, may, we hope, be eliminated in their entirety with the pandemic behind us! 

Notwithstanding all the precautions that SPORTIME will take, due to the nature of the virus, the risk of contracting COVID-19 remains, as we are all aware. Please be safe, respect others and follow all of the precautions, protections and protocols put in place during this COVID-19 epidemic.  

Last Modified: Nov 12, 2020