JMTA Program Benefits

All JMTA players receive important program benefits, included in their tuition, as follows (benefits may vary by JMTA site, and some benefits may not apply JMTA Mac Red and Mac Orange players):



The Directors supervising a JMTA player’s group sessions, and, if applicable, that player’s private coaches, are that player's TEAM and “go to” for questions, concerns, tournament schedule planning advice, and more. Each player and that player’s parents will receive consistent feedback from the player's TEAM through the JMTA Portal’s communication channels, and/or by text, email or phone. 

JMTA Portal

Exclusively for JMTA players and parents, the JMTA Portal is an interactive tool that enables players, parents and coaches to coordinate and communicate more efficiently and effectively, to store important reports and other training information including videos, Mission Cards SPORTIME Points for Red and Orange Ball players,and more, and to optimize the management of all elements of each JMTA player's training. Each JMTA player is provided an individual Player Profile on the Portal, accessible to the player if authorized by a parent, to the player’s parents and to JMTA Directors and other coaches. 

JMTA Virtual

Accessible through the JMTA Portal, JMTA “Virtual” training features interactive, live, and pre-recorded, webinars covering topics such as tennis technique, strategy, fitness, mental toughness, tournament preparation and nutrition. Virtual sessions also include live group athletic training and Q&A sessions, hosted by Patrick McEnroe, with current and former pros (including, so far, Billie Jean King, Caroline Wozniaki, Milos Raonic and Johnny Mac), and more. Watch live, or catch-up on what you missed in the Webinar Archive section.  

Video Analysis

Our supervising coaches take videos of JMTA players in action using video analysis software, provide verbal feedback tagged to the video clips, and use annotation tools to highlight the verbal analysis. These videos are then uploaded to players’ profiles on the JMTA Portal, and players and their parents are notified by email. JMTA coaches also review and analyze other practice and match-play video, both of JMTA players and of professional players, with students, in group settings. Additional video analysis services, including “Tennis Analytics”, are available for an additional cost. PlaySight “smart courts” are available at SPORTIME Randall’s Island on courts 1-5.

Athletic Performance Training

Group athletic training and conditioning, provided by the JMTA Performance team and designed to complement on-court instruction, is offered to all JMTA players before or after each JMTA session. One-on-one training, comprehensive assessments, physical therapy, nutrition and hydration consulting and other services are available for an additional cost.

Sports Vision (Randall’s Island Only)

Sports Vision Performance Training, provided by Dr. Anne Reuter of Gold Coast Optometric Vision Performance, is integrated into specific weekly, group, athletic performance training sessions for Green and Yellow-ball players. Sports Vision is performance oriented, comprehensive vision care encompassing evaluation, correction, protection and enhancement through vision training, with the ultimate goal of improving each athlete’s on-court performance. On-site small group Sports Vision training, and private training, are available for an additional cost.


Mental Toughness Training

Off-court, group mental toughness training seminars for players and parents, as well as on-court mental toughness coaching, developed and executed by Dr. Dom Lausic of Hourglass Performance Institute, and by designated JMTA Directors and coaches, is designed to prepare JMTA Green and Yellow-ball players for all on-court situations. Private sessions with Dr. Lausic, and private and small group sessions with JMTA coaches trained by Dr. Lausic, to work on concentration, anger management, on and off-court rituals, and more, are available for an additional cost.

Tournament Support and More

Multiple JMTA coaches attend certain USTA and ITF tournaments to support JMTA juniors each weekend. Individual coaching at tournaments, including out of state tournaments, is available to

JMTA players for an additional cost. Challenge matches, Travel Team trips to tournaments, invitational training camps, matches against college teams, and other special trips and events are offered throughout the year. JMTA Students are strongly encouraged to join the USTA and UTR, if they are not already members, as USTA and UTR memberships are required to participate in sanctioned/verified tournament play.


College Placement Advisory Service

Basic college search/placement support is provided to all JMTA players approaching college age. Additional college placement services are available for an additional cost, including creation of a personal recruiting intro video, coordinated outreach to college coaches, an annual College Recruiting Combine, bringing top college coaches to SPORTIME to evaluate JMTA Players, and more.

Court Time

Complimentary open court walk-on privileges; details and restrictions vary by club. 

Coached Match Play (Randall’s Island only)

Complimentary match/point play is offered once per week, supervised by a member of the JMTA coaching staff.

Last Modified: Apr 20, 2021