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Member Testimonials

“Sportime has done a great job putting measures in place to keep everyone safe, including putting sanitizing supplies and hands free water bottle fillers on every court. Sportime takes everyone’s temperatures when they enter the premises and does not allow additional spectators in the building. All of this makes me comfortable sending my son to indoor tennis.”

Kevin Chu, parent of JMTA player - Randall’s Island


“I think Sportime Randall’s Island is a very safe place to work. We all wear masks all of the time and stay socially distanced throughout the day. We have plexiglass dividers between our desks, new exit and entrance routes, and do not allow spectators in the building. And we coaches keep a good distance away from our players during lessons and programs. I feel well protected with our safety protocols in place and ours is a fun and safe working environment right now.”

Ion Efrim, Coach - Randall’s Island


“My son resumed private and group classes at JMTA in August, with more impatience than anxiety. The staff is extremely vigilant and enforces all safety rules. Everyone is greeted with an infrared thermometer check and wears a mask at all times. Players are directed to their courts and parents wait outside so that the facility is never crowded. There are sanitizing stations with posters encouraging proper use, proper hand washing posters in the locker rooms, and no sitting allowed in the locker rooms. The maintenance staff keeps the facility clean and sanitized all the time. I love that all fountains were replaced with bottle fillers on every court. My son feels very comfortable playing at Sportime and I hope he can continue to do so.”

Florence Chaix, parent of JMTA player, Randall’s Island


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