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Performance and Athletic Training for Adults and Juniors
SPORTIME Randall’s Island and the John McEnroe Tennis Academy provide a unique Athletic Development model for adult and junior players that encompasses all elements of strength and conditioning, sports science, sports medicine, and nutrition and hydration, to deliver a personalized program to meet each adult or junior player’s individual goals - from the professional athlete, to the JMTA student just beginning tournament play, to the deconditioned adult.
JMTA and U10 Group Athletic Training
JMTA students receive an initial athletic assessment, and JMTA and U10 Orange level students receive group athletic training, as part of their Academy and U10 curriculums. The complementary one-on-one services outlined below are highly recommended for maximal performance. Please visit online at for the JMTA/U10 group training schedule, and click here for an informative FAQ on athletic training for junior players.
Detailed Screenings
Our Athletic Development coaches, in cooperation with SPORTIME/JMTA tennis coaches if the player participates in group tennis programs and/or private lessons, identify fundamental movement faults, as well as physical, nutritional and other deficits, that may negatively affect a player’s performance or increase his/her injury risk. 
  • Detailed Injury Risk and Performance Screening: Performed by a physical therapist or certified Athletic Trainer to ascertain areas of increased injury risk and those in need of improvement.  
  • Detailed Performance Screening: Assessment of an athlete's movement competency, including on-court speed, strength and power production
Athletic Training:  One-on One-Sessions
A Detailed Performance Screening is required prior to the first training session. If certain injury indicators are present, a Detailed Injury Risk and Performance Screening may also be required.  After the applicable screenings are conducted, a training program is then designed to address any deficits or movement faults identified by the screening process, to improve performance, to decrease injury risk and to build the foundation for long-term athletic development on and off the court. 
Nutrition/Hydration Counseling
While technique and training are vital to the success of any player/athlete, nutrition, hydration and the ability to recover are keys to success both on and off-court. Program includes: 
  • Initial Nutritional Consultation
  • Development of Nutritional Program
  • Follow-up Progress Assessment and Plan Review
Physical Therapy
Please contact for information.
Register Today!  
Contact Performance Director Richard-John Mensing, Jr. at 212-427-6150 or for more information.

Richard-John Mensing, Jr.CSCS, NASM-PET 
Director of Performance
Richard, is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park.  He spent six years as a writer/producer for CBS Television before moving to Barcelona to train and compete on the European triathlon circuit. There Richard received a Certificat D’esport i D’athletisme i Nutricio at Universal Atletico Institut.  He has over 20 years of professional experience both as an athlete and coach (ATP, WTA, Junior Olympics, etc.), coaching the likes of Victoria Azarenka, Sergei Bubka, Greg Louganis, Reggie and Cheryl Miller and JMTA’s Noah Rubin. 
Andrew Small,MPhtyST, BScApp (HMS-Ex Sci)
Advisor to JMTA Performance
Andrew completed his Master’s degree as a physical therapist and exercise science at the University of Queensland, Australia, and currently consults for a wide range of athletes and organizations including: WTA, ATP, ITF Juniors, NBA, NFL, MLB, Australian Diving Team, Volleyball Australia Elite Junior Development Program and, of course, JMTA.Visit us online to meet the rest of the Performance Training Staff! 

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