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The John McEnroe Tennis Academy is New York’s premier tennis training program. We, and our partner foundation, the 501(c)(3) Johnny Mac Tennis Project, are looking to recruit the most talented and highly motivated young tennis players in the New York City area and beyond. On Saturday, June 17th, aspiring players, ages 7-16, are invited to participate in an open tryout for the opportunity to earn full or partial scholarships for the 2023-2024 year at JMTA's flagship location: SPORTIME Randall’s Island.

Event Information

  • When: Saturday, June 17, 2023
  • Where: John McEnroe Tennis Academy, NYC/SPORTIME Randall’s Island, 1 Randall’s Island, New York, NY 10035
  • Who: Players with tennis experience
  • Ages: 7 to 16 years of age
  • Time: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Check-in @ 8:30 AM
  • Registration Closes: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Schedule of Events

  • 8:30 AM-9:30 AM: Check-in & registration
  • 9:30 AM-10:00 AM: Introductions and Court/Station Assignments
  • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM: Technical, Tactical and Athletic Player Assessments by the SPORTIME/JMTA Selection Committee and Coaching staff
  • 12:00PM: Tryout concludes

Schedule is subject to change.  

Important Information

  • Proper athletic attire, including footwear, is required. Participants will have access to restroom facilities. Water will be available on court. 
  • Current SPORTIME/JMTA students are not eligible to participate in the Tryout, but may apply for scholarships by contacting 
  • Updates will be posted online at 
  • The SPORTIME/JMTA/JMTP Selection Committee will contact scholarship winners by the end of June. Please note that JMTP scholarships are means-tested and winners will be required to submit requisite financial documentation to confirm qualification. 
  • Please contact us at 
Please complete the Official Entry Form and Click 'SUBMIT FORM'.
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  • Authorization:  The undersigned hereby authorizes Sportime Clubs, LLC (“SPORTME”), the operator of the John McEnroe Tennis Academy, and/or the Johnny Mac Tennis Project (“JMTP”), to verify parent/guardian employment and income history, and related information. 
  • Confidentiality:  The information contained in this form, and any information procured pursuant to verification, will be kept confidential. It will be utilized by SPORTIME and/or JMTP solely for the purposes of determining the nominee's eligibility for a SPORTIME/John McEnroe Tennis Academy or JMTP Scholarship. SPORTIME and/or JMTP will not use such information for any other purpose. 
  • Waiver:  By submitting this form, I agree that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above named participant and that we will abide by all rules and regulations which now exist or which may be hereafter adopted or amended by SPORTIME and JMTP. I further acknowledge and agree that there are certain inherent dangers in playing tennis, and in participating in athletic activities, and that SPORTIME and JMTP shall not be liable for any personal injuries, property damage, or other loss sustained by the me or by the named participant on or about the premises of SPORTIME, or arising out of the use or intended use of any facilities, equipment or other property of SPORTIME. I hereby further declare the named participant to be physically sound and suffering from no conditions, impairment, disease, infirmity or other illness that would prevent the named participant’s participation in tennis and other athletic activities. In the case of accident or injury to the named participant and if an emergency contact person cannot be reached, I grant SPORTIME permission to obtain medical attention, if necessary, for which I will be financially responsible.  SPORTIME and JMTP retain the rights to any photographs or video taken at the facility to be used for publicity, marketing, social media or advertising purposes; to review our privacy policies,  click here

I am the parent/guardian of the above-named entrant, and acknowledge that I have read and agree with the Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk and Release, and the related information, set forth herein:   *

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