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Our 160,000 square foot, state-of-the-art site features 10 championship hard (Deco-Turf) and 10 soft (Har-Tru) courts, a high performance training center, classrooms, a full-service pro shop, a cafe and many other facilities and amenities. JMTA also utilizes the beautiful playing fields adjacent to the site, as well as nearby Icahn Stadium, for cross training, speed and agility training and other activities.

Video Analysis

Our supervising coaches take videos of JMTA students in action, using video analysis software, provide verbal feedback tagged to the video clips and use annotation tools to highlight the verbal analysis. These videos are then emailed to the players, parents and coaches. JMTA coaches also review and analyze other practice and match play video, both of JMTA players and of professional players, with students, in individual and group settings.

JMTA Athletic and Performance Training

JMTA's APT program is designed to help tennis players improve their on-court performance through increased strength, flexibility and mobility, and to reduce the risk of injury. The JMTA APT program is developed and implemented by JMTA's world-class athletic training coaches. Private athletic training and related services are also available; download an Application today. Call 212-427-6150 or email Associate Director, Andy Wegman awegman@sportimeny.com, for more information.

JMTA Mac Red and Orange Athletic Training

To complement on-court tennis training, Mac red and orange students receive age-appropriate athletic training designed by JMTA's Athletic and Performance Training Team. Campers also receive training in a variety of team sports activities like basketball, soccer, kickball, flag football, softball and others, which help develop and enhance athletic skills related to the sport of tennis.

Mental Toughness Training

We believe that our capacity to determine an individual player's on-court stress patterns, and to provide him/her with the tools to better manage stress at times of on-court adversity, to prepare to mount a comeback, or to remain calm when in the lead, is crucial to giving each JMTA student an "edge". JMTA is pleased to continue its partnership with Dr. Dom Lausic, our Director of Mental Performance and Toughness, and a principal and co-founder of the Hourglass Performance Institute. Dr. Dom has designed the JMTA mental toughness curriculum, which is integrated into the broader JMTA training curriculum, to be implemented by JMTA Directors and staff. For more information, or for information about private mental toughness training sessions, e-mail Dr. Lausic at dlausic@sportimeny.com, or JMTA Assistant Director, Jason Shkodnik at jshkodnik@SportimeNY.com, or call 212-427-6150.


about safety To ensure your child’s safety, all activities are supervised by coaches and counselors trained in CPR. We are totally committed to providing a safe, wholesome environment for your child.


For an additional fee, door-to-door transportation, and transportation service from centralized pick-up locations, in Manhattan, are available.


For an additional daily fee, players are provided with a fresh, healthy lunch. Snacks and drinks are included as part of tuition.

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