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Position Camps
$160 per player ($95 for Serving Camp)
Players spend 3 hours working on the skills required to be successful at their specific positions. Coaches divide players into groups of outside and right side hitters, midde blockers, setters and liberos. Each session concludes with all players participating in competitive match play together.

  • Serving Camp: August 13th- 2pm-4pm
  • Setters School: August 14th- 1pm-4pm
  • Attacking Camp: August 15th- 1pm-4pm
  • Perfect Passer Camp: August 16th- 1pm-4pm
  • Girls Position Camp: August 19th - 10am-1pm
  • VBC Pre-Season Skills Camp 1: August 20th
  • VBC Pre-Season Skills Camp 2: August 22nd
  • Girls Position Camp: August 19th - 10am-1pm
  • Pre-Season Volleyball Conditioning Camps
    $325 per player
    Athletes participate in a comprehensive, week-long program that includes stretching, plyometrics, strength, speed and agility exercises. Camp activities take place on the volleyball court and in our new VBC Functional Training Center.

    • Conditioning Camp: August 13-17 - 10:00am-12:30pm



    To ensure your child's safety, all camp directors are certified in first aid and CPR. We are totally committed to providing a safe, wholesome environment for your child.

    Transportation and Lunch

    Parents are asked to provide their child(ren) with daily transportation. All 4-hour camp sessions provide campers with daily lunch which includes fresh sandwiches, pizza, drinks and healthy snacks.


    SPORTIME is the home of the Quickset Volleyball Store. Quickset carries the latest volleyball sneakers, knee pads, active ankles, spandex, socks and T-shirts. All SPORTIME campers receive a 10% discount during their camp day or week.

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