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World Tour

List of Competitors

TOURNAMENT NAME: Melbourne, Australia
TOURNAMENT DATE: January 19, 2019
ENTRIES CLOSE: January 18, 2019
If you child is not listed or listed in the wrong division, please contact WorldTour@SportimeNY.com.

Red One: 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Red One tyler alson
Red One Stella Beteille
Red One Ethan Bialek
Red One Dylan Falasco
Red One Jaylin Francis
Red One Lucas Gonzales
Red One Danica Herfel
Red One Hampton Rose Lasky
Red One Jax Lasky
Red One Aliyah Lee
Red One Sourya Mada
Red One saanvi puli
Red One Sofia Slawitsky
Red One Meera Trivedi
Red One Gabriella Vizzini
Red One Christopher Vollono
Red One Nickolas Whitacre
Red One Olivia Whitacre
Red One Mattingly Zonis

Red Two: 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Red Two Isaac Aibel
Red Two Emilia Campbell
Red Two Emilia Campbell
Red Two Samantha Carey
Red Two Ryan Grammas
Red Two Maeve Karnay
Red Two Julian Katsnelson
Red Two Ivan Linares
Red Two Andreas Mickisch
Red Two Anne Philogene
Red Two Alexander Skouloudis
Red Two Dylan Van de Berghe
Red Two Wyatt Wagner
Red Two Tobias WELHAVEN
Red Two Natalie Wozniak
Red Two Caroline Wozniak
Red Two Zaara Zia

Orange One: 3:00PM - 4:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Orange One Malak Abdel-motaleb
Orange One Sebastian Alisie
Orange One sophia alson
Orange One Jordan Anderson
Orange One Ela Arora
Orange One Cecelia Beteille
Orange One Ryan Bialek
Orange One Steven Boutis
Orange One Joshua Brody
Orange One Justin Carey
Orange One Sophia Chiang
Orange One Ethan Chiang
Orange One Gabrielle Coco
Orange One Gabriella DAgostino
Orange One Sophia DAgostino
Orange One Aiden Dantes
Orange One Andrew Dantes
Orange One Colin Falasco
Orange One Ava Hagedorn
Orange One Pietro Koncz
Orange One Summer Lee
Orange One Alexander Loglisci
Orange One Laasya Mada
Orange One Siena McGuffin
Orange One Jason Mills
Orange One Juliette Moore
Orange One Anne Philogene
Orange One Lalit Vignesh Potala
Orange One Michael Reese
Orange One Zuriana Sayig
Orange One Gabrielle Villegas
Orange One Jacob Vizzini
Orange One Hunter Weiss
Orange One Jolie Yang
Orange One Jolie Yang
Orange One Dylan Zonis

Orange Two: 4:00PM - 5:30PM
Division First Name Last Name
Orange Two Shayna Argentina
Orange Two Lauren Ayres
Orange Two Brendan Benson
Orange Two Jace Cardamone
Orange Two Keith Carden
Orange Two Christopher Contillo
Orange Two Ashleigh Fredriksen
Orange Two Gabriella Garcia
Orange Two Martin Georgiev
Orange Two Marcus Gonzales
Orange Two Sarah Goodman
Orange Two Hailey Herfel
Orange Two Peter Kennedy
Orange Two Alessandro Koncz
Orange Two Sabrina Luqman
Orange Two Aidan Maddux
Orange Two Briana Maleski
Orange Two SreeAnay Mallisetty
Orange Two Leena Manchandani
Orange Two Jillian McConville
Orange Two Jean Morales
Orange Two Aryan Mukherjee
Orange Two Daniel Oh
Orange Two Andrew Pan
Orange Two Anya Pathak
Orange Two Rajveer Shetty
Orange Two Rajveer Shetty
Orange Two Carter Shin
Orange Two Ari Skouloudis
Orange Two Matthew Stolack
Orange Two Keira Strumpfler
Orange Two Aanika Teepireddy
Orange Two Roman Tse
Orange Two Jameson Yang

Green One (Junior TK): 5:30PM - 7:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Green One (Junior TK) Diya George Bebin
Green One (Junior TK) William Benson
Green One (Junior TK) Harris Brodsky
Green One (Junior TK) Lena Costanza
Green One (Junior TK) Marissa Garcia
Green One (Junior TK) Gabriella Garcia
Green One (Junior TK) Marissa Garcia
Green One (Junior TK) Adhem Hassane
Green One (Junior TK) Alexandra Holland
Green One (Junior TK) Luca Koncz
Green One (Junior TK) Lucas Marquez
Green One (Junior TK) Andrew Monaco
Green One (Junior TK) Paolo Nogueira
Green One (Junior TK) Valentina Pape
Green One (Junior TK) Avery Shin
Green One (Junior TK) Sahasra Singireddy
Green One (Junior TK) Gage Stegner
Green One (Junior TK) Veyd Trivedi
Green One (Junior TK) Erich Wittenhagen
Green One (Junior TK) Azra Zirhlo

Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA): 5:30PM - 7:00PM
Division First Name Last Name
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ryan Adesso
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Lea Erikson
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Sreeyanth Reddy Guduru
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ishaanth Reddy Guduru
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Zihe Huang
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Camilla Kostik
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Evan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Ethan Lee
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Sreenand Mallisetty
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Emma Palacio
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Darren Shen
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Cayden Shen
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Lucas Whitacre
Green Two (EXCEL / JMTA) Joshua Whitlock